David’s 2nd Cycle Ride

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17 Jul 2016 David Jeremy

This was the second cycle ride courtesy of David, the first having been a couple of years or so previously.

11 of us were expected, including Kathy for the apres, but in the event she stayed away, Maurice sent his apology and Brian was …. wherever Brian was. However that still meant 8 of us turned up.

Viv immediately declared she was going for a run instead. Apparently she’d cycled to Farnborough the day before for the air show, and felt that that was quite sufficient thank you very much – so now we were down to 7 and standing in the car park of The Jolly Tar @ Hannington admiring each other’s equipment.


Jack and Simon both looked quite professional, seemingly attired to ride over some Alpine col or ascend Mont Ventoux. David on the other hand had arrived on his trusty rusty old bone shaker, lever breaks, no gears, but it did have 2 wheels. The remainder, John, Mike, Keith and myself were on mountain bikes of variable provenance.

The ride itself was generally flat and uneventful as we did a figure of 8 towards Fairford and back. A stop at The George in Kempsford (site of the very first Runch) and after the hill up into Hannington, we were back at the Jolly Tar by 1pm, for more beer – and bowls of chips, courtesy of David.

Many thanks David – hopefully the next will come soon.

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  1. Kathy says:

    I was never intending to be there as I had a birthday engagement elsewhere (mine), but never mind… any mention will do me! (And I will definitely try and attend the apres at the next one, promise). But I just wanted to use this space to comment on Maurice’s well-recalled, well-written memoires on his, er, very own hash at Baydon several weeks ago…. phew, just avoided a gap there. Thanks so much for stepping in – I always enjoy reading the mags (too late for me to leave a Comment at the bottom of the actual mag apparently). On on.

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