Event – Ironbridge 2012

Hare saves sheep

Remarkable, but true. A hare recently came to the rescue of a sheep trapped in a local field. There were many footprints in the area,  suggesting that the sheep had been caught, unable to move, for quite sometime. The sheep, although traumatised, is now in good care and the RSCPA have stated that she is slowly starting to recover and is responding to the name of Baaabra. The hare disappeared after the rescue and has not been contactable since to provide comment.

Lost & Found

Found – one iPhone. Owner please contact Webmaster.

Hilarity at Much Wenlock

Great fun was had in Much Wenlock when members visited to attend a committee meeting at the Talbot Inn. Afterwards, some members watched the local Punch and Judy show whilst others partook in the wheelbarrow event. Member Kathy was particularly keen on the latter, but decided not to participate as her mother, who lives nearby, would have have been disturbed by such frolicking.

School visit to Coalbrookdale

The school visit to this historical industrial site was sadly a disappointment as no pupils attended. The Headmaster and his deputy toured the site on their own, and thus missed the opportunity to impart to all pupils the wondrous and important events that took place there. It is unfortunate that no parents were willing to fund this outing for their children, since there will undoubtedly be questions on it in next term’s exams. Example, “Does a Frock Coat turn the Headmaster into an aloof romantic hero? Compare and contrast differing perspectives.”

Social Gathering at Tontine

The social gathering on Friday evening, planned by the previous headmaster was a great success, despite the disappointment in not having him attend.

KVH3 visit Country House Rescue

KVH3 were thrilled to be invited onto the set of Channel 4’s Country House Rescue. This visit was arranged by our member Navy Mike who believes he is distantly related to the current owners of the property. Whilst there, members were privileged to meet the owners and view their primitive outdoor cooking facilities. Rew and Nina (for ‘tis they who are the owners) were extremely hospitable, even providing some nibbles and allowing some of our more elderly and tired members to try the beds. The visit was such a success that a spontaneous collection was made to help fund the completion of the rescue work.

Man on the Loose

Police have advised to be on the lookout for a deranged man roaming the countryside around Much Wenlock.  Although the meaning is unclear, reports indicate that he is upset due to losing his noodle. If seen, the police should be informed immediately – he should not be approached under any circumstances.

Lost & Found

Lost – one iPhone. If found, please contact GOM.

Investment Scam

Following on from an earlier report of one Lovely Linda attempting to extort money to allow herself a vacation in Madrid, reports are circulating of another gang member offering investment opportunities for what purports to be a guaranteed return. This conman, operating under the guise of GOM (Guaranteed Opportunity for Money), claims to have a winning ticket in the National Lottery, a portion of which he is willing  to sell for a consideration. All readers are advised to be vigilant as one is already known to have lost 4p.

A final message from the Headmaster

I would like to make some personal ‘thank you’s for the success of the weekend. When things go so well it is easy to forget the planning and effort put in by those who organize and put on such an event. Firstly my thanks to Navy Mike and Annie, the prime organizers of the programme, and to John and Viv for being S.L.H.’s (Santa’s Little Helpers)

Hashes do not arrange themselves, but require thought, planning and pre-trailing. This, of course, necessitated the four of them visiting the area beforehand to prepare everything in advance. Then, on the actual days, going out and physically laying the trails. On the first hash at Kemberton, Mike and Maurice (another S.L.H.) got very wet and plastered with dough. While John and Viv found that their trail at Much Wenlock had become more overgrown than their first walking. They were both, as you’ll have read in the mags, excellent trails.

 Secondly, I wish to thank Nina and Rew for putting on the evening party and doing all the food. It was lovely seeing them both again.

 Other thanks go to Kathy for her mag, to Jeremy for doing all the driving and for stoically accepting (well almost) the loss of 4p in a joint venture on a lottery ticket and everyone else for coming, bringing their good humour, enthusiasm and waterproof clothing. For me personally, the weekend away was a real tonic and I had a wonderful time being with you all, so Thank You.

Brian (GOM)

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