Hash-397 – Blue Boar @ Aldbourne

Date Hare Scribe
25 Nov 2012 Viv & John Annie

It may help to know that Aa means I. For further help please Google The New Geordie Dictionary”

Eeeeeh man, we had a champion Hash last Sunday. John and his wifey Viv (smashin lass) set a grand trail. Poor buggers, the weather was against them chronic like but a good crood of folk pitch up Aa’m glad to tell yoos. There was a new gadgee called Callum and a new lass called Sam and Christopher whe’d been afore. Aa was a bit upset like cos John put floor on the flags and Aa pittied the lassie whe’d have to clear it up but nivor mind it had to be done an all. We aal started off runnin roond the village. It’s a dead pretty place, a bit posh like. It has a lovely Chorch and a Dalek and Dr Who lives there! Who am Aa codding?!

The rain had been stottin doon for days and days so as yu’d expect the fields was aal clarty. Me and me marra, Ower Kathy didn’t fancy plodging through it really, it was that claggy man, by the time you went a few yards you were ten feet taller and looked a right towsher. So, with help from that canny Viv lass we did it different, but it was aal reet ‘cos we saw some cracking views an aal. Hey man, it was nearly as good as roond Newcassel.

Aa gather it was even clartier for the runners. Some were up to their oxters in it. Eeeeh, it was reet hard to run in and awld Navy Mike was gannin tappy-lappy an cowped his creels. He landed on his puer knees. Mind you, he was dead graceful like Aa’m told. He slipped yee knaa, nebody had dunched into him.

Nebody got lost this time and we weren’t oot for hours and hours. Aa was glad mind cos a bit if a sea fret came doon as we got back. One of the lads, Robin, was locked oot of his motor. What a faff.

The Blue Boar was a grand pub. We were aal a bit hacky dorty except that Margaret lass and Ower Kathy. The fire was bleezin away and we aal warmed up, champion.
Brian, the gadgee in charge was a real blather skite and prattled on aboot new ganzees but then shut up and we all had a bit crack and some beor. Val and Christopher had some scran, eeeeh man, it looked that nice it was aal Aa could do not to cadge some from them.

Navy Mike was in danger of getting a bit coggly so Aa said we had to gan hyem. Aa was clammin for me dinner anyway. Ye kna what Aa mean man woman?

There’s nowt beats a good walk in the countryside, so aal credit to John and his wifey Viv (A smashin lass). It was beltin.

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2 Responses to Hash-397 – Blue Boar @ Aldbourne

  1. "Our" Kathy says:

    Diolch Yn Fawr! My sister had to give me these words… I’ve have no idea whether we’ve been praised in print, or insulted (or worse) by this brave diversion from the usual straight and narrow, as it’s mostly unfathomable to me! But I always have such faith in our wonderful Annie – a one-off lassie whom I love loads – and it’s obvious she worked very hard to entertain us geordie-style … On on girl!

  2. Hilary says:

    Annie, as I couldn’t make it to Aldbourne I thought I’d read the mag to see how it went. Thank you for an absolutely fabulous read, after which – obviously due to the weird and wonderful words – I still haven’t got a blind clue about what exactly happened during the running, walking and apres! But it sounded (claggy) fun. I will set to with a vengeance to learn the lingo for when we meet up next time. Inspiring! On, on!

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