Hash 409 – Who’d a Thought It @ Lockeridge

Date Hare Scribe
12 May 2013 Brian Jeremy

Experience shows, and Brian duly demonstrated it with an exceptional hash. Not only was it well marked, but it was also set in and around West Woods during the bluebell season.

Now, you may think that in today’s politically correct era of equal opportunity, equal pay and all that other EU alcohol fueled legislation, that experience would count for nothing and go unrewarded. Let me remind you otherwise – you only need to read the mags for Brian’s 203 and 211 hashes, to realise that we all benefitted from a significant improvement in his hash laying performance. So age and experience do count – even if those with it are no longer able to dominate the front running positions.

After group photos and the removal of some of our cars from the car park, we set off through the village at a leisurely pace. Checks soon had the front runners temporarily relegated to last place and then we were off up into West Woods, which turns out to be a surprisingly lumpy piece of ground. It seemed like there were a lot of spectators out there to support us, when in fact it was just others also taking the opportunity to view the bluebells courtesy of the Marlborough Lions. For me though, the bluebells weren’t as spectacular as usual.

Once across West Woods we came upon the split for the short and long trails. Being at the front at this point, I was able to maintain the lead for the next half mile or so. Whilst previously I could have done this by pure running ability, nowadays it was mostly down to the path being too narrow to allow anyone pass, and yes as soon as it widened, off they went leaving me in their wake.

Up the trail went again, providing wonderful views over West Woods and into the distance. Approaching the woods again we triggered the automatic warning sensors at a farm and may or may not have been videoed – well the warning said we were on CCTV – but who knows.

Back into the woods, passing Brian, Mike and Cameron, before heading on down to the pub, Abdul arriving first again – so congratulations.

We sat out in the garden waiting for the walkers, as well as for Keith and Margaret who should have been running. James trundled in late, having counted all 28 million bluebells. He also showed a few of us an example of his wood and metal working skills.

Brian asked Jeremy to thank him for laying the trail, which he duly did. Margaret handed on the shorts, only to receive another pair in return – bad luck!


PS: As we run on Sunday lunchtimes when landlords are often expecting customers to come and eat (which few of us do), could we always try to minimise disruption to the landlord by parking on the road rather than in the pub car park whenever possible.

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  1. Mike says:

    Very clever of Jeremy to look back to our leader’s early trails which were without doubt a bit unusual – to encourage our new hashers to have a go. And what brilliant examples of mag writing those 203 and 211 mags by the late Keith were.

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