Hash 417 – Masons Arms @ Kemberton

Date Hare Scribe
24 Aug 2013 Mike Brian

417-1The summer hash is here again and once more we are in Shropshire. More accurately we are in the small village called Kemberton, the home of Nina and Rew. We are sufficient in number to form two five aside football teams and have a referee ….. though no ball or any inclination whatsoever to play football. A roll call of those present … Viv, Kathy, John,Mike, Colm, Caroline, Rew, Sam, Brian, Maurice and Nina. Everyone is in good spirits and Sam is modelling the turquoise shorts with pride. I ask everyone to put on sunglasses for the group photo to give the impression that it is sunny …. I am ignored.

The hares point the way and despite the fact that the pub has just opened for business, we’re off and running (or walking, of course).

To begin with we stick together as we run/walk around the village. There are a couple of circles for which Colm (apologies if spelling incorrect) dutifully explores the false trails. Then we are in open countryside. I stop a couple of times to take photos and find myself at the back (as usual). This is no problem as the trail is well laid and all I have to do is follow the flour. So I follow the flour. The trail is taking me through woodland, beside pleasant streams, along some narrow lanes and I am one content hasher enjoying the fresh air and  those blue remembered hills ….. though I haven’t seen much flour lately …. actually I haven’t seen any flour for a while … lost in my owns thoughts. It surprises me how far I’m having to backtrack …. I’m not worried of course because I know the others will wait for me …… in the pub. As it transpires I have managed to worry Mike who is popping up at various points to make sure we all make it back. Anyway I have caught the others up, albeit in the lounge of The Masons Arms.

417-2The hash is really just a prelude to the BBQ at Nina and Rews. Though not raining we congregate inside as it seems the natural thing to do. Nina has put on a splendid repast and we eat and talk and mingle and eat and talk and drink, talk some more and basically have a lovely afternoon. In the evening we all sit around talking and laughing. Some beautiful uplifting poetry is recited by Kathy, Brian and Mike and then Viv tells some dirty jokes. It was a lovely evening, so special thanks to Nina and Rew.

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