Hash 438 – Prince of Wales @ Wootton Bassett

Date Hare Scribe
1 Jun 2014 Brian John

We met at the Prince of Wales in warm sunshine, with the number of runners unusually outnumbering the walkers on this occasion. After a rather mystifying briefing from our hare (something about nature trails, quizzes and multiple circuits) we headed off over the fields at a cracking pace, only stalled by a succession of stiles.


After re-crossing the main road we were soon back at the pub – but (although tempting in the heat) there was no sneaking off for an early drink as there were still a couple of miles to cover. The hare had laid the trail to take us into the lovely Jubilee Lake Nature Reserve, and the deal was, two times around the short hilly section and on the third turn, once around the lake. It was noted that several runners can’t count – which became apparent when the slower runners were suddenly in the lead.


Back at the pub garden, there was a very pleasant relaxed atmosphere, with everyone enjoying the warm sunshine. The walkers seemed to take even longer than usual to get back, but fortunately there was still plenty of seating in the garden for them by the time they arrived.


Andrew confirmed that he’s now received promotion to a full Colonel; and all now have to bow or curtsey in his presence, depending on one’s persuasion. As a result of his elevated status though, he may have to take up his duties elsewhere. We suggested that a letter from KVH confirming that Andrew is needed by the hashers to continue investigating false trails, may just persuade his commanding officer that a local job is required. Andrew seemed a bit sceptical – but it may be worth a try.

Kathy mentioned that she wouldn’t be able to shower when she got home as her shower had broken. Colin kindly offered his facilities – but we understand that a reciprocal deal could not be finalised.

James announced that he has joined the realms of the retired and will now be devoting more time to his model-making.

Mike from Newbury, a long standing Hash runner, made a guest appearance and we hope that he’ll make a return visit soon. He also surprised us by returning the horn which we haven’t seen for quite a while- this was presented to Brian.

Navy Mike did the customary thanks to the hare for a very good, well laid trail.

John passed the pink shorts onto Paul, out of respect for someone who prefers to wear his shirts inside out, but also as recognition that he ran all the distance with a painful calf muscle.

Thanks GOM for another great hash!

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