Hash 451 – Swan @ Lechlade

Date Hare Scribe
30 Nov 2014 Mike Kathy

We gathered outside the Swan on a glorious sunny morning, and looked for leadership amongst our happy throng. There was none! We were rudderless, indeed completely gormless (sorry, that should have read GOMless) – in fact, without our friend and inspirational Master, Brian the Bold, we were woefully less than the sum of our parts. He was sorely missed, and we all wish him a rapid recovery from his sudden, serious illness (though we notice he’s not short of females falling over themselves to mother him!). Er, and a guy called Ross sends Brian his love … even though he’s never met him!

As to the actual hash? Well, thankfully, I have Di and Paul’s blessing to sum it up in just a few words (‘cos the lovely Mike only remembered to ask me to write it after we got back to the pub!) So here it is folks “mist, then lots of sunshine, blue skies, sparkling Thames, lots of wet leaves, lots of wet mud, swans, geese, ducks, and a few too many stiles – but loads of camaraderie and friendly chitchat – and last, but not least, very clearly marked trails, even if one arrow was cleverly concealed behind a large post!” So, a big ‘thank you’ to the ever-conscientious and cheerful Navy Mike for a happy, lazy, incident-free hash – gallantly and industriously laid, without demur, in dense fog earlier today.

However, it was noticed that Margaret and John arrived late yet again AND (I’m told) cheated by taking a shortcut back – but as they both bravely sat in the pub, uncomplainingly, near an unbearably hot fire for the whole duration of the après, I consider that punishment enough!

It was a lovely turnout. In fact, there were so many hashers crammed into the pub, there was little room for any other customers… As well as many regulars like James and Keith, Ainsley and Simon brought their daughter, Georgina: I didn’t get chance to chat to her, but I hope she enjoyed it. Then we welcomed Mike’s dear friend, Pete, his partner, Sandra and son-in-law Michael, who were all most amiable. Daughter Louisa and two grandsons joined in the giddy après as well – they probably thought we were bonkers! It was also great to see Mary Lynne and Pete from Bampton again, plus their friends James and Chris. The latter is a former hashing friend of Mike’s, too, and he’s promised we’ll see more of him at future hashes – good news, because we love welcoming new faces, don’t we?

Brian Reid was accompanied by his delightful grandchildren, the much-loved Bella and Josie, whom we hadn’t seen for some months, sadly. Scribe asked six year old Bella what she enjoys most at school. ‘Everything’ she said. What are you best at, scribe persisted? ‘Everything’ she calmly shrugged. That’s me told then! Similar questions were put to her older sister, Josie (nine). What she most likes at school is “golden time” (whatever that is). And in arithmetic she’s being taught “the bus-stop method” (whatever that is) and something that sounded like “the expanding multiplication system” (whatever……) you get my drift. Back to planet earth for me – ON ON!!

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  1. Mike says:

    I asked Our Kathy to write the mag this week, not only because she writes well, but because her enthusiasm and affection for our hash shines through her words – and I was not disappointed. Thank you Kathy.

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