Hash 452 – Brown Jack @ Wroughton

Date Hare Scribe
14 Dec 2014 Jeremy John

452-1Sunday morning brought us some milder weather (after the freeze the past couple of days) as we started off from the Brown Jack at the lower end of Wroughton High Street. This week we were in the minority, as runners were fielding only five, whereas the walkers numbered around twenty.


452-2Jeremy’s trail led us through the lanes of the picturesque Pitchens up into the hills giving us tremendous views over the valley. It is quite amazing the variety of countryside that we have right on our doorstep.

Slippery steps led us down through Clouts Wood then up again across a winter beet field to Red Barn. On the other side of the road a track led us towards Chilton Farm, turning right into a sunken path (which needed a good clean up of the dumped rubbish) back across the sheeps full of fields (sic) (the only hazard according to Jeremy, apart from crossing the main road twice) to the main A4361, finally entering Wroughton from the west.

Viv felt she needed to remonstrate with Jeremy for not placing the long and short divide signs where she could see them. Jeremy in turn thought that we needed a bit of a challenge to look for the signs and that they were perfectly clear. So I’m not sure how that one got resolved!!!

Wroughton was once a thriving racing centre, and one of the most famous of the horses to come out of the Wroughton stable was Brown Jack, a thoroughbred brown gelding who won the Queen Alexandra Stakes at Ascot six years running for trainer Ivor Anthony back in the 1930’s.

452-4                 452-3

Nowadays during the Wroughton carnival week in May, the highlight of the event is the duck races down the stream along The Pitchens.

Back at the Brown Jack, taking advantage of the mild weather, we attempted to have a drink sitting outside in the sunshine, but it is December so after a few minutes headed back inside to the warmth.

Mike stood in for Brian in the role of GOM and took the opportunity to award the pink shorts to Dave Sheeran who, keen to be in the right position to take a photo should one of the ladies slip in the mud, went head over tip himself. He arrived back at the pub with muddied trousers as proof.

Walker Brian awarded the horn to Rosie, Simon’s dog, who shakes with excitement at the start of each hash. Mike thanked Jeremy for a splendid hash and reminded everyone that the Boxing Day hash will be at the Three Horseshoes in Burbage.

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