Hash 455 – Rose & Crown @ Ashbury

Date Hare Scribe
25 Jan 2015 John & Viv Fiona

455 - 1455 - 3We met at the Rose and Crown in Ashbury, just on the Oxfordshire border, a very pretty village with a lovely grey stone manor house. Our hares for the day were Viv and John and everyone said what a lovely trail it was. Truly it was stunning.

We went along the Ridgeway down a beautiful valley through lovely woodland and finished back across farmland to the pub. There were no false trails and it was well laid out and easy to follow, so no getting lost this week! In fact Cathy said it was the clearest marked trail she had ever been on! The walkers thoroughly enjoyed it.

As usual the runners straggled out a bit. Des and I got a tiny bit lost around the farmyard, with Jeremy running ahead very fast; his new baby eating technique for keeping energy levels up was clearly working! The rest of the runners kept together and helped each other, with Mike and Brian completing the long trail.

455 - 2It was steep to start with and there was a lot of mud around. A certain person fell over in it I am told and because Simon failed to stop and help his wife when she fell over, leaving her struggling, he got his comeuppance in the shape of a pair of orange bags to wear at the next hash!

We had a new hasher with us this week. Joy has previously hashed in Sarawak when out in Borneo and she seemed to enjoy herself, so we hope to see her again.

455 - 4

Mike presented the horn to Margaret for moaning about the mud; come to think of it the mud seems to be the main feature of this lovely hash. For me, running around in it is one of the pleasures of hashing, so I thought it was great – many thanks to Viv and John.

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2 Responses to Hash 455 – Rose & Crown @ Ashbury

  1. "Our" Kathy says:

    Terrific trail, Viv and John, very scenic indeed and perfectly marked. xxxxxxxx

  2. Brian -GOM says:

    Thanks Viv/John. Great hash, especially coming down from the Ridgeway.

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