Hash 466 – Trout Inn @ Lechlade

Date Hare Scribe
28 June 2015 Brian Mike

“Every Hash is different” is a truism that you must have heard many times but one that has more of a basis in fact than most. Take today’s hash for example – how many times have you run backwards on a hash ? As I thought – not many. So, if you are sitting comfortably I’ll tell you all about the lovely – and different – hash we had today.

As you know it never rains on a hash – and so the overnight rain had to stop before we could begin – which it did about 10 minutes before we started. Your scribe arrived in the enormous car park at the Trout in heavy rain and noticed with some concern that he and Annie were the only hashers there. A bedraggled and very damp Brian, our hare, then trotted in. We chatted, wondering, as 11 o’clock struck, whether this was going to be the least well attended hash since Hash 003, but then our stalwarts began to arrive – Colin and his daughter were first and then about 15 hashers came in a rush – and finally Margaret and John. Brian gave a pared down briefing and we set off on the dot of 11.16 as the sun began to break through the clouds.

466 - 1“Runners turn right and walkers turn left out of the car park” cried Brian as we streamed off and so we did as we were told – only to discover some time later that, for reasons that still baffle me, the runners were going round the trail backwards. We came to a circle at a junction with a path leading to the river and we couldn’t see any flour. Brian had said that the flour may be a bit eroded by the rain and so we thought that that must be it and the trail was bound to go towards the river. (I say”we” but by the time I got to the first circle Jeremy and Colin were miles ahead and the decision had been made and the circle kicked out) We saw a bit of flour on our left which seemed odd for an experienced hare like Brian but we ran on still convinced all was well. And it was really enjoyable running along right next to the river as it twists and turns towards Buscot. It was at Buscot lock that Colin found an arrow pointing back the way we had come and the penny dropped. I had caught up at this point and we had a meeting on the lock gate to decide what to do next. Colin suggested that we followed the trail all the way back to 466 - 2the pub backwards and we all agreed. Shortly after that we met the walkers coming towards us – the right way (well, they did have Brian with them) and there was a nice moment full of laughter and eyes being lifted heavenwards. The walkers carried on the right way and we ran on backwards across what seemed like hundreds of large fields with a broken down stile between each. Still keeping well together, we then emerged on to the road by the bridge that’s next to the Trout. There was however an unmistakable arrow pointing along the river towards Lechlade – ie directly away from the pub. It was a really difficult decision but Margaret and I decided that we would have to forego the pleasures of this last loop – and we trotted back the last few yards.

466 - 3It was still too overcast and damp to sit outside by the river and so we took over most of the small, low-ceilinged bar and enjoyed our usual relaxed and chatty companionship. Val and Lynn joined us later – just for the après as Val has just had a knee replacement and was hobbling on crutches – and Lynn had kindly missed the hash to be her driver. I thanked Brian for a most unusual and delightful trail and he got a warm round of applause. Every hash is different but all are a pleasure.

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