Hash 467 – Red Lion @ Axford

Date Hare Scribe
12 July 2015 Fiona Brian

At the height of summer in the middle of July we gathered in the car park of The Red Lion in Axford under a cloudy sky. Not that there was any sky to be seen but hashers are undeterred by this and had arrived in good spirits for Fiona’s hash.

Fiona, very much at ease, gathered us around to give her pre-hash talk and since we had a new hasher (Sue) explained the meaning of the hash signs and sent us on our way along the road towards Ramsbury.

467 - 1We soon made a right turn and crossed a bridge over the Kennet into open countryside and through a field of some sort of cereal crop where the farmer had provided a wide track 467 - 2for walkers (and runners) to follow. Then the trail started to go steadily upwards through what seemed to be long grass. Still easy to follow though as it appeared to be a well used track. At the top we again were running through crops where the path was easy to see. I think this must be an area where many walkers go to enjoy the magnificent country views unlike some hashes where the footpaths appear to have been undisturbered for years. I had a conversation with newcomer Sue about the merits of running off road (as opposed to road running (of course)) and remarked that it was very rare for anyone to trip on a tree root or twist an ankle or some unforeseen obstacle

However, the ease of following the trail (and my words) were about to come to a swift end as we entered a rather dense wooded area. The Forestry Commission, or whoever maintains this area, had been out pruning and cutting branches and they had meant business. Running was no longer possible as we delicately negotiated our way across the wooded floor covered with cut branches of many sizes. A couple of times I slipped and yelped as I staggered to keep my balance. Also we lost the trail for a while. As always though,they was a sudden shout of On On and we were over a style onto firmer ground and heading back pub-wards along lanes that headed gradually downwards. Now this is the kind of running I enjoy the most (downwards) and I was able to lengthen my stride and feel the exhilaration one gets occasionally from ….. well running.

We runners arrived back at the pub and after getting our refreshments settled down comfortably inside, we suddenly realised that Jeremy wasn’t with us and that he’d had to sit outside as his dog (Noodle) was not allowed in. So we all trooped outside to join him. It wasn’t warm but at least it wasn’t raining. Once outside the walkers starting arriving back.

467 - 3All of a sudden someone (I can’t remember who) realised they had been bitten about the legs by ticks (or is that tics … or even tiks … I don’t know) anyway I mean the nasty little things that bite. Immediately nearly all the runners realised that they too had numerous bites and then there was much examining of each others legs. It seems my blood was not to the taste of the little critters.



I did the usual thanking to the hare, Fiona, for an excellent hash and we all departed for home and for presumably for some to rub ointment on their bites.

467 - 4

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