Hash 470 – Sanctuary @ Ridgeway

Date Hare Scribe
23 Aug 2015 Caroline & Brian John

What a super Hash!!!

Let’s face it. It rained. It didn’t stop raining.

470 - 1

All this nonsense that it never rains on a Hash, you believe it?! You drive through torrents of rain, flooded roads, headlights and demister on, you think it’s ok, you know it’s going to stop just as you arrive there. Then the reality sinks in, with everyone togging up in their waterproofs – the rain is not going to stop and it is too late to wimp out. Then you remember all the exciting things you are missing, such as a repeat of Gardener’s World on television, cleaning the oven, etc. rather than getting soaked. But regardless of the rain, there were a number of runners and several walkers willing to support the Hares.

The trail was laid in the dry by Caroline and Brian (Hilary retiring through a back injury) but it became obvious that the flour couldn’t stand the onslaught of the weather and although some of the markings remained others were non-existent. At our time of need, Brian was there. Having already set the trail, he now accompanied the runners completing the circuit for the second time. Some intrepid runners did attempt to check false trails, but in the end we relied on Brian to point us in the right direction. The trail led us over exposed grasslands with hazy views of the distant hills. At one point several very wet deer were spotted.

This was one of the trails when you say “oh the views are spectacular – we must repeat this in the summer” Well it was, despite the weather, spectacular. As we ascended the hill, in front of us was the amazing mound of Silbury Hill. It stops you in your tracks, literally. Nevertheless, we continued the route and after crossing the A4 we ran towards the Long Barrow, but branched off to make a circuit back to the Sanctuary car park.

For much of the route we were playing the hare and the tortoise game, with a man walking his dog. We would run and overtake him, stop to find the route. He would then pass us. Of course the runners having found the route overtook him again. This happened so many times that I was going to suggest asking him where he was heading and maybe we could combine resources. He did eventually finish his walk at the Sanctuary.

We also had a surprise visit from Ray, who apparently was at the inaugural Hash with Mike many years ago. This return visit precedes a move from West Kennet to Truro in Cornwall next week; hopefully we shall meet him again sometime.

470 - 2470 - 3

After a quick change from wet clothes, we retired to The Waggon and Horses, where we were treated by David to copious quantities of chips and crisps, and to partake in the local restorative brew. Mention must be made for the three intrepid walkers who appeared later, damp but not to be fazed by the weather. Brian found difficulty in issuing praise for the hares, him being one, but all found his presence on the run was well appreciated.

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2 Responses to Hash 470 – Sanctuary @ Ridgeway

  1. Kathy says:

    Very sorry I missed it (and David’s chips), despite the awful weather. I heard that the hares were very enthusiastic, and that the apres was very convivial as usual. As Viv remarked, sometimes it seems that the more challenging the weather, the greater the enjoyment at the apres – or is that just sheer relief that the torture is over?! You said mention must be made of the three walkers…. so who were they please? Kx

  2. Mike says:

    This was one of those hashes that you will always remember. ‘Those who were abed this day shall think themselves accursed they were not there’. Thank you Brian and Caroline for a great hash.

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