Hash 476 – Prince of Wales @ Shrivenham

Date Hare Scribe
15 Nov 2015 Viv & John Keith

Today’s hash took place in Shrivenham, from the Prince of Wales pub, where we have been before (in August 2011, also Viv and Johns trail).

A good turnout considering the weather and forecast for rain, and warnings of severe levels of rainfall ‘up North’ . Twenty centimetres were predicted up there overnight but didn’t quite materialise (just heard they got 18 cm only).

As we assembled by the pub, autumn leaves swirled around us energetically, driven by some very blustery winds. I did not feel cold though others felt the weather merited gloves and hats, and that was just the runners. The sky looked to be heavy with rain clouds but amazingly we completed the trail without any rainfall. “It never rains on a hash” held true yet again.

Out of interest, I thought I would look up my home town’s hash group (Manchester) to see what their motto might be . Wouldn’t you know it; “It always rains on a hash”! ( Ok, I made that bit up, but it would be kind of appropriate).

Whilst I don’t think we saw it, according to Wikipedia, there is a Public Notice on Tarifa Cottage in Faringdon Road, which reads;

By Order of the Magistrates.

All idle or disorderly persons found and apprehended in the Parish of Shrivenham will be dealt with as the law directs.

Shrivenham Parish Overseers

Fortunately, I don’t think we could be accused of idleness but I’m not so sure about the ‘disorderly’ bit.

John did our briefing. No hazards, 5 miles runners, 3 for walkers. Just right. We set off just after 11 am and were soon traversing muddy fields of young crops of …. not sure what …. and across several bridges over streams, canal and railway lines, emerging at some point in the ye olde worlde village of Bourton. At times we seemed to be well away from civilisation on little used paths, or so it seemed, probably as we didn’t pass anyone the whole way (maybe any potential walkers were sensibly huddled by the fire or still in bed).

We were all back, and inside the pub, within 1hr 15 and sat around a large table by the window where the atmosphere was convivial and animated.

I heard all about Simon and Ainsley’s recent interesting New York trip, and a lively discussion later developed on the inequities of football players (and others) crazy wages.

Brian, our GOM , stood to thank our hares today (John and Viv) for another of their very enjoyable and well laid trails, with enough flour used, and lots of unmistakable and unmissable arrows to guide the way.

Then, in the best traditions of democracy, GOM asked us all our views on holding to the traditional Boxing Day hash, which this year falls on a Saturday, or leaving it to the next day when it would naturally fall due. A range of arguments for and against were raised but in the end, tradition won out, so it will be Boxing Day as usual, at The Cross Keys, Wanborough, 11am, where food is believed to be available (may need pre-ordering).

Brian asked about the theme for the fancy dress and there were many ideas; maritime, naval, xmas theme, etc etc, and in the end our GOM was prevailed upon to make the choice as otherwise we would never have got out of the pub. The decision was for a ‘water’ theme which leaves it wide open …. should be interesting …. I fancy going as a tap.

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