Hash 497 – Rose & Crown @ Ashbury

Date Hare Scribe
04 Sep 2016 David Sue

It was lovely day for a run: not too hot, a bit of a breeze and no rain. Seven runners and about six walkers turned up for David’s hash today. David said the routes were 5 and 3 1/2 miles respectively for the long and short. Mike blew the hash horn and off we set.

Soon afterwards David turned upon his bike to tell us about a field of friendly cows that we would shortly encounter. They were young but we had no problems there.

We ran up a long cement track, along and down some grassy trails.

The views were brilliant. Keith told me “that’s the Ridgeway up there” I asked how he knew, but he said it just was. Soon afterwards John trotted alongside and obligingly commented on the fact that “that’s the Ridgeway”, so I believed them both and that’s the route part of the hash mag done.

At one point it seems that the signs for the long and short divide had been obliterated – we thought possibly sabotaged. As a result, we runners that had aimed to do the long, missed the last mile or so of David’s route and did the short instead.

The runners arrived back at the pub in just under the hour with the walkers some half an hour later.

We sat outside in the pub garden, sadly refused both food and even chips by the restaurant as they were too busy, but happily sharing packets of crisps that some of us bought. The conversation mostly surrounded the choice of T-shirt, polo or sweatshirt to commemorate the upcoming 500th hash. The views were varied but in the end the majority seeming in favour of a sweatshirt in blue – but not navy.

Brian thanked David for a good hash today, Keith said that he is setting the next hash from The Horse and Jockey at Stanford on the Vale. He asked that we park at the back of the car park and book a table if you’d like a meal.

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2 Responses to Hash 497 – Rose & Crown @ Ashbury

  1. Kathy says:

    Delightful, Sue. And hope you’re feeling a lot better too. See you Wed at Tawny Owl. Kx

  2. Mike says:

    Well done Sue: not only a lovely mag but one published within a week of the hash when interest in reading about it is at its peak.

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