Hash 509 – Queens Arms @ East Garston

Date Hare Scribe
19 Feb 2017 Viv & John James

It was another good turnout on this dull but dry day, on our way we passed a farm whose name was spelt out with at least sixteen different tools, (someone was very inventive). The view over East Garston was well worth the hard climb, much appreciated by all the walkers.

There were no hazards encountered, cows, horses or styles, (so shame you missed it Kathy). Hope you make a speedy recovery and will be on hand with your input soon.

Thank you to John & Viv for laying a trail taking such beautiful views.

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2 Responses to Hash 509 – Queens Arms @ East Garston

  1. Kathy says:

    Very sorry I missed it too – great photo, really captures the spirit of the hash. Kx

  2. Mike says:

    James has broken two world records with this remarkable and succinct mag – first it shatters the record for the shortest time between the hash itself and the mag appearing on the website. It was there before most of us got home from the hash itself. The second record is for the shortest mag ever. If you compare Maurice’s literary epics with this you cannot help but admire the concentrated essence of a hash in so few words. Well done that man.

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