Hash 540 – Greyhound @ Letcombe Regis

Date Hare Scribe
27 May 2018 John Keith

It was with trepidation that I left to go to this hash, having seen repeated warnings of heavy thunderstorms and torrential rain heading our way. There was even light rain as we left Covingham, confirming my fears, at least as I thought then.

However, it never happened. The day turned into a stunner – drier, warmer and sunnier, if a little humid, as later on we bathed under blue skies in the pub garden. But I am getting ahead of myself here, so backing up a little…

We arrived at the pub to see John, but no Viv. It turns out Viv was suffering a bad back so John had laid the trail himself. Around 4.5 miles for the long.

And what a lovely trail it was, taking us uphill initially and then on a broad sweep around the village, making the most of the many lush, verdant lanes and field edges. Not to mention the views from the hilltops.

Disappointingly, we were only three runners; Brian, John W. and I. What is the answer to this?  John went on the short whilst Brian and I chatted as we jogged along.

At a point near the cricket pitch, Brian, several yards ahead, suddenly fell and yelped in pain, badly turning his ankle.

Despite this, in the best spirit of the hash and after some recovery, Brian got back on his horse, as it were, and we were off again, Brian gingerly trying to keep his foot angled to avoid the worst of the pain, and occasionally yelping when he got it wrong . Despite all that, he made it all the way round. Well done Brian!

Another trooper today was Mike, whose knees are now officially a medical marvel, being mostly comprised of something like cottage cheese. But he came and conquered the walk, so well done to him too! And James, being James, was on hand to offer much-appreciated assistance to Mike in getting over the stiles.

And Kathy once again tackled the long walk, so well done Kathy.

I think that concludes the roll call of ‘heroes’ for the day.

Once again the fast walkers, Kevin and Julie, were as quick as the slow runners, no prizes for guessing who, and at times overtook, only for them to be overtaken in turn when the slow runners, who had good reason for being slow, picked up speed again, and so it went on most of the way round.

The pub has had a refurb and looked very smart. We sat outside on wicker furniture, managing to arrange three tables end-on and getting everyone around them, such that the landlady wanted our group picture for the pub’s gallery webpage.

Brian got the shorts for being such a trouper, and James the horn for his service to the elderly.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable trail arranged by Viv and John, and thanks to them both for taking us to this lovely spot. Great apres too!

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2 Responses to Hash 540 – Greyhound @ Letcombe Regis

  1. Kathy says:

    I too agree, a really lovely and relaxing apres, and the temperature was just right for sitting outside – pleasantly warm, but not overbearing (and this followed a delightful and very scenic trail indeed – so a big thank you, John). Kx

  2. Mike says:

    I agree with Keith – one of our great hashes – I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. As to Gom’s question about our chronic shortage of runners, may I suggest a system we used to have in the Navy for getting recruits: it was called the press gang.

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