Hash 542 – Carpenters Arms @ South Marston

Date Hare Scribe
24 Jun 2018 Kevin & Julie Jeremy

England 6 – 1 Panama is a result not often seen, but neither are trails laid by Kevin, Julie, and Lily the dog.

In fact it was their second trail, but for us the first that I can remember laid without circles, false trails or Ts; a trail composed entirely of dots and arrows, not forgetting an S, an L and the ON IN. Clearly there were clever minds at work here, giving directions with simplicity and clarity.

It was also a great sunny day, and one where we weren’t told to bugger off elsewhere by the landlord when we arrived – see Hash 288. After a short briefing (is that a tautology?), a handful of runners and a small basketful of walkers set off towards South Marston, soon turning off into the countryside.

All the usual things happened, which was fun, and Brian didn’t fall over and twist his ankle this time, which was helpful.

Sue is clearly a little pre-occupied with builders, plumbers, electricians and the ilk as she has started to climb over gates rather than taking the obvious kissing gate right next to it – but I guess that may have been because I was running alongside and she didn’t want to pay the fee. Later on though this distraction continued when she stood at a stile with her hands on the posts and enquired whether there was any flour – to which the answers was: “Yes, under your right hand“.

The route was long and varied, through Roves Farm and up towards Sevenhampton. We passed an archery club, where John informs me they shoot at animals in the woods. We were just in time to see a roe deer escaping. Many more fields, lots of long grass, at least 3 solar farms and we arrived back at South Marston. We were taken through some fairly obscure paths, the flour being at this point hidden under Sue’s right hand, and then back along the road to the pub.

Sue, Brian and Jeremy arrived back together and were officially snapped by James, who’d done a short short walk with Mike.

The main group of walkers arrived back much later having walked the long route – so clearly they were all enjoying the hash – or did they perhaps just want to avoid the World Cup?

Some of the runners had already left to watch TV, but Keith was able to quickly thank Kevin and Julie. Helen got the horn and Mike presented the shorts to Keith, who, suitably unimpressed, handed them immediately onto Kay. Who will be wearing them next hash?

Many thanks Kevin, Julie and Lily for an excellent trail.

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3 Responses to Hash 542 – Carpenters Arms @ South Marston

  1. Kathy says:

    Many thanks, Kevin & Julie – an ideal walkers’ trail; flat, no stiles and plenty of interesting things to look at ( including a well-dressed christening party arriving at the church). We who walked the ‘short’ loved it.

  2. Keith says:

    A very enjoyable trail, on a scorching, memorable day . Never realised how pleasant it can be round Sth Marston. It took me nearly 1.5 hours to get round the ‘5 miles’ ( I blame the heat ). Thanks hares!

  3. Mike says:

    Who would have thought it – a hash with no circles or false trails ! I am still recovering from the shock .

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