Hash 561 – Blunsdon Arms @ Swindon

Date Hare Scribe
17 Mar 2019 Sue Lily

My keepers, normally take me for a walk around 8:00am before taking me to the hash wherever that may be, and today was no different. I had little idea that today’s hash would be taking place in my own backyard starting out from the Blunsdon Arms. It seemed a moment of deja vu as on my walk of a couple of hours before I noticed a number of dots, arrows and circles which I recollect seeing on previous hashes not knowing at that time that our hare Sue was laying the trails for the forthcoming hash this morning. My keepers were wondering whether we would come across the hare but I found out later that the hare was well ahead of us having started out around 7:00am.

This hash was a bit different for me today as I was expecting to be transported to the hash by car but my keepers walked straight past our car and followed what seemed a familiar route down Lady Lane towards the Blunsdon Arms. Normally when travelling by car I whip myself up into an excitable frenzy enroute to the hash. Today however I was barking at the same squirrels I came across earlier when going down Lady Lane. After 10 minutes from leaving my residence I arrived at the Blunsdon Arms where my fellow KVH3 hashers were assembled.

This was KVH3’s first hash departing from the Blunsdon Arms. Keith, our GOM, gathered us in for Sue’s briefing.  Sue informed us today’s hash would have no stiles, no mud and would be relatively flat, especially the short trail which was 3 miles long. The long trail was 4.5 miles and Sue gave a demonstration of the hash markings to look out for, and this was especially helpful to our newcomers Soma and her son Debjit.  The long and short divide started from the car park with the short starting out from the right side of the car park and the long from the left side.

My keepers and I decided that we should take the long trail along with the runners. This trail took us up Blunsdon Hill through St. Andrew’s Ridge, down Blunsdon Hill to Tadpole Garden Village and back to the Blunsdon Arms through part of Priory Vale. The trail markings were well defined and easy to follow, and having completed part of this trail during my early morning walk I was able to help my fellow hashers with directions when we came across a circle or two.

I was very pleased to learn from my keepers that many of the hashers were pleasantly surprised about the many open and green spaces there were in my neighborhood and I thank Sue for laying the trails which were very enjoyable on a day where the weather was changeable.

I can’t tell you directly what went on at the social as I was taken home so that my keepers could enjoy some refreshments in the Blunsdon Arms. I did hear from my keepers that everyone had a good time and there was talk of attending a pub quiz in the future.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Well, Lily, you were obviously paying great attention to detail to be able to pen such a complimentary and fulsome account of this lovely hash, and I’m very proud of you, woof woof. And well done Sue…. we walkers loved this route, and the trail was so clearly marked too. Thank you! Kx

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