Hash 570 – Barge @ Honeystreet

Date Hares Scribe
21 Jul 2019 Viv & John Brian

During my time with the KVH3 we have only hashed from The Barge Inn once and that was seven years ago now. As many of you already might know The Barge Inn was one of the many casualties of country pubs and closed its doors not long after. However, interest in raising funds to re-open it have been successful and judging by the number of people there I hope it will continue for a long time.

The pub was built in 1810 to coincide with the opening of the Kennet & Avon Canal.

Kathy and I arrived in good time (thank you Google Maps) and we were gradually joined by a good number of fellow hashers.  Our hares, Viv and John, gave their pre-hash address and I decided that I would walk the long route. In this I was joined by David, Kevin and Julie and we agreed we would need to march at a good pace to get back in time to eat.

We began walking along the canal’s edge which is always pleasant and of course flat.

Shortly afterwards we turned to aim for the famous White Horse on Pewsey Downs which can be seen for miles around.

The going was easy for a while. Once we reached a gate with a sign
indicating that we were entering Pewsey Downs the going became a little more difficult as we started going uphill. This afforded some lovely views across the valley. This continued for a while though we had to watch out for metal spikes sticking up from I presume was an old fence.

We then turned down the hill until we reached a busy road.

A little along this in single file and then a turn leading to the village of Stanton Saint Bernard and then joining the canal once again.

Maybe half a mile later we arrived back at the pub where all the others were already enjoying a drink.

The pub was rather busy (and a bit chaotic).  GOM had to shout his
thanks to the hares. We all agreed it was a great hash and the Sunday roast (lamb) was delicious.

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