Hash 573 – Fox & Hounds @ Uffington

Date Hares Scribe
1 Sep 2019 Simon & Ainslie John

Our motley crew was joined by Andrea who lived just across the road from the pub and a return visit from Debjit who last ran with us in March from the Blunsdon Arms.

Simon asked us to look out for a memorial stone on the site of a crashed Wellington bomber from WW2, Jacob sheep, goats, Tom Brown’s school museum and red kites.

On the return, he asked us how many of the features we had managed to find, unfortunately we must had been enjoying the Hash run so much we missed all the items.

For those who missed the memorial stone, Jeremy has obtained a photo (Ed: courtesy of Kathy) and the background story was that Sgt. Robert John Coombs RAF died on 25th August 1942 on board the Wellington bomber DV595 after taking off from Harwell to carry out a night bombing exercise over Oldstone ranges. The aircraft collided with Wellington N2755 over the ranges and crashed.

The well laid course took us over flat farmland and paths cut through cornfields yet to be harvested. What must be mentioned is the number of stiles we had to cross, at least ten and possibly fifteen plus a number of double metal gates which required unhooking and refixing. No doubt we benefited from the extra exercise. In the garden we waited for the walkers to return, perhaps their delay was due to many stiles that had to be negotiated.

The shorts after a long absence had reappeared and were donated to Kathy to give her an opportunity to reattach the bells and whistles that were originally there.

There was some discussion on the whereabouts of the horn, but I’m unsure if that was resolved.

Keith gave the usual thanks to the Hares for a well laid trail which I’m sure everyone enjoyed whilst we downed a drink or two in the sunshine of the pub garden.

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