Hash 587 – Crown & Anchor @ Ramsbury

Date Hare Scribe
15 Mar 2020 Jeremy David

Jeremy managed to lay the Hash, more or less dry, and then smirked as the rain started at Hash-break. He’d devised a Big Mac sign, supposedly alerting us to a view of Martinsell Hill, but when we reached it, again in the rain and murk we were not impressed. However, I’m not even sure it pointed in the right direction.

Anyway off we jolly well’d, all fine to start with, and then Debjit came rushing by, went the wrong way from a circle, and might never have been seen again, as far as most of those unfeeling Run-Hashers were concerned. Naturally I paused (at least a millisecond), yelled (perfunctorily), but luckily Peter, who clearly hasn’t (yet) learned to be as nasty and unfeeling as the rest of us, stuck with Debjit, and they caught up at the Crossroads (see later).

The long/short divide consisted of 2 rain-enfeebled arrows which Jeremy said were supported by the ‘S’ and ‘L’ of the short/long trails ‘further on’, wherever they were. Never saw them.

It got worse from there. Though we did pass an interesting World War II RAF plaque, he then led us up to a cross roads and dumped us. The supposedly elite runners just gave up. I believe they phoned Jeremy who said go straight on. I think Big Mike had tried the right route, but I suspect that he just couldn’t have seen the dots as they were too far away for his height, so they all just stood like lemons waiting for the clever, slower runners to show them the way.

I do hope the walkers did better. I didn’t hear too much moaning from Kathy, so – considering the rain – the short route must have been better.

Back to the Crown at Ramsbury, and the last Hash that we’ll do for who knows how long ?

Gosh, what extraordinary times we live in, and I’m sorry that – given all the enforced free time many of us will have – the last Hash prose is this drivel of mine.

Hard luck! However if you have a taste for complete, nay often insane, rubbish, all you need to do is to read some past Hash write-ups.

Come to think of it, Viv sometimes wonders why the whole world doesn’t join us for Hashes, as how could you do anything better on a Sunday? Good point, but maybe they’ve read the Hash accounts! Especially the ones of Celtic origin.

Talking of what to do while you’re sitting at home two metres away from your nearest and dearest, some of us (is it only very special people, Julie?) have just been asked to join a WhatsApp group, and this could now easily occupy the whole of the rest of your life. Hope to goodness Maurice hasn’t been invited ….!

Anyway we ended up in the ‘Rose & Crown’ which did us proud in the little annex. Talked about Corona – whilst placing our beers on Corona beer mats – and how horrible the Hash had been.

Very best wishes and love to you all, and do hope you bear up and keep well in the next few months.

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