Hash 593 – Brewers Arms @ Wanborough

Date Hare Scribe
25 Oct 2020 David Brian

Hello Hashers.

It was great to see everyone again at the Brewers last Sunday. It was only my second hash of 2020 and although I had been missing them, I had not realised how much. We were all lucky with the weather and I enjoyed my cycle to Wanborough and was the first to arrive.

I was to be in the first walkers group of six, being myself, Kathy, Henry, Hilary, Helen and Soma. The other five joined one by one.  Our hare arrived and gave us some advice without which we would have had to wade through a rather large puddle very early on. We began on time before other groups arrived. We strolled down the High road turned left and after passing the Cross Keys pub we came (as promised by David) to our first flour.

Shortly after we found our first circle and because we were the leading group the circle was unbroken. So the realisation hit us that we had to find the false trails, not the usual task of walkers. The correct trail was identified and we turned left again and proceeded along a narrow track. Our group became quite stretched at this point after looking for the correct way and stepping aside for horse riders using the same track. However we joined up together once again by coming across a familiar line walker. It was Navy Mike who said he had arrived late for his group. How he got ahead of us I don’t know.

So we suddenly very nearly became a group of seven.

However we quickly fell into sub groups of two or three as we wound our way up the trail to Upper Wanborough. From the church we walked across (a steep down and then up) to Ham Road. This was my favourite part of the hash. Great views. Climbing the style onto the road we proceeded left back to Upper Wanborough. Then another downward track towards the pub.

As we neared The Brewers some runners began overtaking us. It is always good when runners and walkers get back at the same time. 

The apres hash wonderful. We could of course only bump elbows or wave across the room in greeting but just the same it was terrific to see friends I had not seen for months.

No moving around the tables but the atmosphere was as boisterous and happy as ever. I really enjoyed my beer  Thank you David for a lovely hash.

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