Hash 607 – Harvey @ Swindon

3 Oct 2021SueMike

Our trail today was set from the most difficult-to-find pub in Western Europe, hidden amongst the mass of shops and industrial buildings behind the Link Centre.  Luckily your scribe had a lift with Simon and Ainslie, who knew the way, or you might not have been reading this mag.  Sue, our hare, is much more at home in an urban landscape  and she laid a varied and fascinating trail around West Swindon along tree lined paths, through green spaces and back-ways.

Everybody else seemed to find the Harvey without trouble and when we arrived at 10:59 there was a group of about 20 hashers gathered next to the pub.  Colin brought his brother  –  also a good runner –  and there were some new faces amongst our Shin Splints group.  Sue gave a careful brief – warning us that we had to run under a very low bridge and if we were taller than 5 feet we had to be very careful.  In order to be absolutely sure we would be safe she had invented a new hash marking – an equilateral  triangle – which she demonstrated.    She also warned of mud and deep puddles but, of course we hardened hashers consider mud and water as part of the fun.

As we set off the sun came out and, in a surprisingly short distance, we were in quiet tree lined pathways away from the traffic which wended through the housing estates and through playing fields.  I never cease to be impressed by the planners of West Swindon who had the foresight to plan these routes through the massive housing and industrial sites.  Your scribe was walking the short and we walkers kept pretty well together.  I was at the back with Kathy when we got to the muddy puddles bit.  We had a lovely time trying to get through it without getting our feet wet and failing dismally.  The trail was clearly marked with neat signs – and full of interest.

Back at the pub we sat together in a corner and chatted happily about the trail and the price of fish.  The pub was excellent with a range of real ales and helpful staff.  As the time for thank you speeches approached we began to wonder where some key members including GOM were.  We found them outside with their dogs as the pub didn’t allow dogs inside. We sorted that out and Kevin thanked Sue for her excellent trail and presented the bags and the horn to some no doubt deserving recipients.

A note from GOM

Colin presented the bags to Sue, and Eleanor presented the horn to Kathy. Colin and Eleanor both agreed that Sue and Kathy were deserving of the bags and horn as they were the two hashers who were not challenged by the height of the bridge!

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