Hash 392 – Barge @ Honeystreet

Date Hare Scribe
16 Sep 2012 Jeremy Olly Maurice

The original plan was that the scribe for this hash would be Olly. Jeremy, the dependable hare, had laid it so that a keen eye would pick up the nuances of the twists and turns, the flour on cow pads (a Jeremy badge of honour) and the little twists that separate one hash from another.

  • So, what do we know about this hash, Olly?
  • Duh . . . well, it’s been so long I have forgotten.
  • Forgotten, Olly? How can that be when you are at that wonderful age when you know and remember everything?
  • It was a nice day.
  • Nice?

I could fill two pages with a non-conversation so here is what really happened.

As usual for Jeremy, it was a well-laid trail. Unusual though, in that it followed a lot of straight lines. We started at The Barge and ran west through the lovely village of Honey Street then north across early-ploughed fields then a loop through the village of Stanton Saint Bernard. The route followed the road back towards Honey Street but we knew we were not getting away lightly and the hare sent us south in another straight line and walkers had the soft option of going straight ahead.

A few sneaky circles were disarming but fooled no one at first. That is one of the delights of hashing, trying to double-guess the hare if you are out in front. “How many circles can I guess correctly?” and of course the hare sniggers around the course earlier on thinking: “I know exactly what they will be thinking” and being Jeremy he is usually bang on. So we came to a circle where the fast runners were all over the place and the group caught up. Wonderful. . .

The rest of the run was made up of two straight lines, with some more sneaky deviations on the assumption that he couldn’t possibly have two straight lines, but that is what he had! We finished up where we started at the west of Honey Street and doubled our speed through the village to impress the locals.

The Barge is a lovely pub and over the customary pints GOM delivered a few words thanking the hare and wondering where the horn and shorts had got to. We are none the wiser.

Great hash, Jeremy, and sorry that Olly took so long not to write this.


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