Hash 629 – Rose & Crown @ Ashbury

7 Aug 2022Margaret & JohnNiki
Listen with GOM

A lovely and quite warm Hash from the Rose and Crown at Ashbury. The trail was expertly laid by John and Margaret with very clear arrows, dots and circles (no fish hooks which I’m sure pleased the faster runners) ensuring no-one had the chance to get lost. Well, maybe one person did go slightly astray but I’m apparently not allowed to mention that Viv took a detour on the way back and started off on the original trail again – although I’m assured there was a very good reason for this as she came back with a book from the village telephone box!

The warnings given at the start re deep cracks in the earth (apparently these are called fissures according to our more educated GOM) and rather narrow paths through fields were not misplaced although, unlike Margaret’s friend who fell down a crack/fissure during one of the route planning walks and fractured her ankle (we do all hope she makes a speedy recovery), nobody came to grief and even little Lily managed to avoid falling down one.

Most of us heeded the warnings about not wearing shorts and sandals due to the various hazards although John seems to have survived laying the long trail wearing shorts and Margaret, who laid the short trail, was in a very fetching summer dress and flipflops. Did I miss something …..

Kathy and Henry claim to have done some of the walk, including a stile (of which we counted about 5 on the short route) but we have no evidence of this so will just have to take Kathy’s word for it!

The actual Hash was predicted at 4 miles for the short and 6 miles for the long which turned out to be amazingly accurate – David please take note ……

GOM made a speech and thanked Margaret and John for wonderful trail through the Oxfordshire countryside.  So all in all a most enjoyable and uneventful Hash with Jeremy awarding Dan the blue horn – as he ran too fast (?!) – and Julie handing over the bags to David as apparently he still has the pink horn (no comment).

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