Hash 382 – The Old Spotted Cow @ Marston Meysey

Date Hare Scribe
29 May 2012 Mike Keith

Well it was a beautiful sunny day that greeted us all for Mike’s hash trail (with Brian as co-trail-layer). Not a cloud in the sky. And hot, around 26c.  It could not have been more different from the Hash of 4 weeks before when I laid the trail in a roaring gale, (horizontal rain, trees crashing around me etc) not really expecting that anyone would be mad enough to turn up (but of course they did! Respect to those who came out!).

Yet where was everyone today? Maybe the good weather had drawn everyone to the seaside or the heat was just too much. Anyway, the Hash was from The Old Spotted Cow in Marston Meysey, a new venue for us and a fine one, with good food and several good ales too, & a lovely garden to sit in afterwards. I counted 13 of us in total (including Mike & Brian who laid the trail) .

We hung on until 1110 or so before Mike sent us off, having gone through the formalities, which included a story about a “beware bull in field” sign that, when Mike enquired of a man working on his fence, it turned out no bull had been in that field in 6 years…

It is very flat around Marston Meysey; fortunately so, as the sun shone relentlessly upon us as we made our way along lanes, field edges & by the side of the airfield at one point. There was flour in abundance (has it got a lot cheaper?), huge splodges of the stuff that were impossible to miss. Possibly even to pilots coming in to land mistaking the double-splodges for landing lights..but I digress.

Margaret was very keen today, at least early on, striding ahead with such vigour at the front that I thought we should get her tested for using performance enhancing drugs. Maybe there’s something extra in those cups of hot water she drinks?

I took up my usual position following John. John got to the checks first , & he set off to find the trail, whilst I went in another direction. Somehow, John guessed the correct trail every time (bar one I think) & I began to suspect he might have some ‘inside knowledge’ of the route- though he said not. ( I might ask him to suggest my lottery numbers next time.)

Mike & Brian were a tad sneaky at one point, where the trail emerged onto a lane. Immediately ahead was the airfield & a perimeter wire fence, whilst the lane went to left & right. John & I explored the lane, ignoring the ‘straight ahead’ option that went directly into a wire fence. But no! The trail was straight ahead & then along the fence behind a line of trees. We’d have found it eventually but as John had run 1/4 mile up the lane, Brian took pity & told us where we should be going.

The route was said to be 5.5 miles (runners) & in fact we were back in about the hour, happy to be back given how hot it was. 

Brian took quite a number of photo’s of those present & said he plans to do this at each hash event. I’m unsure if Brian is retaining editorial control on which pictures get published. (Webmaster: yes he is!)

The rest of the hash was spent enjoying the sunshine in the pub garden, & rehydrating with Butcombe & Ramsbury bitters ( amongst others). Kathy was awarded the shorts, by Maurice, for something she had said, (probably best not go there….). The horn went to Annie for looking elegant throughout in her hat on one of the hottest days of the year.

Another great hash trail & thanks duly expressed to Mike & Brian!

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