Hash 387 – New Calley Arms @ Wanborough

Date Hare Scribe
08 Jul 2012 Viv & John Annie

It was small but perfectly formed group of Hashers who gathered for Viv and Johns’ Hash at The New Calley Arms. We were all delighted, nay ecstatic to be joined by our old friend Kevin. An added bonus, he brought his brother David to swell the numbers of walkers. Great hugs and handshakes followed and we all beamed. As did the sun.

Other runners included Jeremy with his faithful hounds who pull him round (he’d struggle otherwise), David, Brian the Bold and Navy Mike. The walkers were Kathy, Robin, Hilary, David, Liz and your scribe. We had a brief brief, no need to do the flour signs as they were known by all. Do you know, I really hate that bit? I have every sympathy with irate landlords/ladies who rush out with a brush afterwards. There, now you know.

The trail for the runners had been set of course but Viv continued the trend she started recently, laying a trail for the walkers with us on her heels. We don’t mind, we have less chance of going wrong whilst we gossip because she keeps us right. And she tells us the short cuts. (Was I not meant to say that Viv?)

Today’s Hash ticked many boxes. Well for one, the weather, can you believe it? Just as we were beginning to think about changing our name to the KV Sub Aqua Club we were saved. The morning sunshine made the countryside looked glorious, the English meadows at their prettiest. I walked for a while with David and Kathy, we talked about wild flowers, as children we girlies pressing them in our flower presses having identified them in our Observer book. Happy memories.

We walked through a good chunk of Wanborough. Hares take note, as I’ve said before; we don’t mind pounding pavements through pretty villages. We love to admire the gardens and houses, even better if we can see through windows too. Hilary picked out her next house, it’s rather nice. 
We had no steep hills, no cows and had fantastic views to the other side of the world from the churchyard. More boxes ticked.

I can’t say much about the runners of course and I’m not going to tell you what Mike said I had to say about him ‘cos he’s a big fat liar. Incidentally, can you all tell him the bags are much better than the obscene shorts he usually wears? Better still, can you all just keep awarding them to him please?

Back to the boxes. Stand by Viv and John for a huge tick for getting the runners back in an hour. You have no idea how strongly Mike feels about the hour thing. He was so pleased, he failed to get upset when David B told him he ran well for a man of his age.

Back at the pub we enjoyed our usual warm gossip and cool beers. Most were keen to get home for the tennis finals so GOM gave the vote of thanks for a splendid Hash and Mike awarded me the bags, having first teased Kevin with them (Bet you were really upset about that Kevin) I can’t remember why but as Mike will be going through this with his red pen before I send it, he will no doubt tell me.

Finally, I feel I have to balance the above with some well deserved criticism. There were a few puddles……………………………………….

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2 Responses to Hash 387 – New Calley Arms @ Wanborough

  1. kathy says:

    Baffled by photo of men sitting outside… when did they sit outside??

  2. viv says:

    I don’t think there were many puddles – more like swamps really! In fact they were so deep we nearly lost Hilary & Kathy in a couple of them!

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