Hash 398 – Downgate @ Hungerford

Date Hare Scribe
09 Dec 2012 Jeremy Keith

Brian, GOM, reminded us that this was the last hash before Xmas, and yet it was only the 9th December. But there was a good turnout of around 16 or so for such a busy festive-period hash.

Thankfully the day was warmer than on recent days and there was even some warmth from the spattering of Winter sunshine that accompanied us as we circled around Hungerford.

Today we had a new member to welcome aboard our Hash; Matthew, who, I gather, even bought one of the snazzy new red Kennet Valley commemorative t-shirts. How’s that for showing commitment on a first hash? ( Have you got yours yet? If not, get yours quick as supplies are limited!).

However there were more than the usual number of Hashers claiming to have a valid sick note excusing their absence. Maurice, for one, with an alleged broken arm … and planning to turn up for the après-hash only. What has a broken arm got to do with running the hash (an activity primarily involving the lower half of the body)?

Maurice did turn up later, right arm strapped up, in time to get the last nearly-pint of Guinness available in the pub, and on being asked how he was in himself, replied “I’m bad … and I need lots of attention!” (‘ sounds like business as usual then’ do I hear you say?).

And there was another absentee , this time with a bad back.

Who else? Well, Mike and Annie had a domestic crisis that delayed them but they managed to get to the après hash for Mike to hand out the very popular Kennet Valley commemorative t-shirts and enjoy the comforts of the Downgate.

Now to the hash proper. Jeremy was our Hare and told us the trails were 6.3 and 3.6 miles long and short. The runners’ (darn pesky comma, is it in the right place? Kathy?) route was very pleasant, mostly flat ground and surprisingly largely devoid of mud. It was a well-laid trail beside the river and through pretty countryside and , as far as I know, we lost nobody, which is testament to our Hares’ skill (these comma’s are a nightmare-see, there’s another one, oh, and another).

There were sadly some transgressions on the hash. Maggie ‘grassed up’ Val and Kathy for taking a short-cut (tchh, tchh) and Jeremy added they had ignored an arrow (‘arrows never lie’) and crossed a T sign. A definite yellow card to both for that!

Brian has a new camera, ( or possibly an old one he is determined to wear out so he can buy a new one) … as he snapped away at everyone and everything. I thought this a clever ploy for stopping every forty yards to have a good rest and I may use this ploy myself in future. I dare say some of Brian’s snaps will be found beside these ramblings.

We now have a new Hash horn, generously purchased by our GOM, and awarded on this hash to Lady Margaret, on the basis that it’s unlikely to be lost. A very swanky horn it is too, shiny with a squeezable rubber sac to produce the sound, thus negating the embarrassment of trying to blow the thing with one’s lips and looking a fool.

Our thanks to Jeremy for a wonderful pre-Xmas Hash.

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  1. "Our" Kathy says:

    Oh Bless, lovely, educated, witty Keith!! …… runners’ correct; hares’ incorrect (unless more than one hare…. you get the picture) … and comma’s… No, no, no – none needed! Oh dear, am I treading on dangerous ground here, or are you taking the mick? I might get challenged to lay a trail as your revenge for such exposure, at which I’m sure I’d fail very miserably! But a nicely evocative mag, written with panache, and an enjoyable read, as always. Jeremy: gorgeous weather, easy trail, and terrific camaraderie in the pub afterwards – what more could we ask for? K

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