Hash 402 – Five Bells @ Wootton Bassett

Date Hare Scribe
03 Feb 2013 Colin

Whilst Colin was the hare, it is not certain that we have a scribe.

But given the day was so memorable, then all hashers are invited to leave their own (possibly favourable) comments on it.

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5 Responses to Hash 402 – Five Bells @ Wootton Bassett

  1. Noodle says:

    Hash Sundays are my favourite, and I know when they are happening as soon as father puts on his running stuff – that always creates great excitement, and this Sunday was no different, so we jumped in the car and set off. I always keep an eye open to see if we’re going to Hungerford as that’s one of my favourite locations, but no such luck.

    When we did arrive, Wootton Bassett I was told, we had an awful wait because Colin the hare had got lost – some excuse about footpaths not being well marked. At least it gave the people time to check out the pub’s facilities, but we never need do that as we’re always happy to do a Paula Radcliffe.

    Then we did start. I was off, out in front, checking the false trails, the correct trail and everywhere else whether relevant or not. Lots of mud, streams of water and wide open fields – wonderful. After the first 400m there were just the 3 of us – no one else ever came in sight again, except for when we met up with Colin who advised us to take the short/long. This we did, which unfortunately meant miles of road running. Now I’m not usually one to complain, but I’ve been limping all week since and am only just recovering. And then -when we did eventually turn left, back into the fields and towards the pub – well, I ask you – we all like a good bit of rubbish, but this was up to my ears!

    Poor Malcolm had to go straight home after the hash to clean up and it was nearly as bad for us. Although we stayed awhile, when we did get home mother wouldn’t let any of us into the house until after we’d jumped in the river and had a jolly good hosing down – even father had to do the same. Blooming cold, but we thoroughly enjoyed our day out and would do it again. Thank you Colin.

  2. Kathy says:

    Oh, heck…. not sure I “deserve” to enter a comment as I ventured about 100 yards and turned back!!! However, I instead completed a far more genteel (but nevertheless interesting) walk with the recently-returned Caroline (still recovering from a shocking bicycle accident on Christmas Eve in Sydney… my excuse – as though I needed one – for keeping her company). We ambled around Wootton Bassett’s conservation area, and backwaters, and we then walked up and around the Jubilee Lake then back to the welcoming pub for a cosy apres…. but POOR MALCOLM!!! The photo – when it appears – will speak far more loudly than mere words. What a trouper, though! The friendly landlady deserves a mention too as she was very welcoming, and it was nice to see coffee served in individual cafetieres again.

    Given the length of all the hash legs, and in such ‘challenging’ conditions, I was relieved when all were safely back in the fold, the rear eventually being brought up by the ever-stoical (and newly slimmer) Des. And Colin was still smiling, bless him, when he tentatively reappear at the pub – a very well done to all who completed the course!

  3. Navy Mike says:

    I seem to remember writing, quite recently, that every hash is different, but didn’t expect my point to be proved quite so spectacularly as at Colin’s trail from the Five Bells. Not only was it the longest – the long was 9.7 miles, the medium (or the short-long as it was called) was 7.4 and even the short was longer than the average long at 5.3, but it was also the muddiest and the most bramble strewn trail in living memory. You have to remember of course that Colin goes for a nine mile run before every hash to warm up and everybody responded splendidly and went for it especially Des who ran the long and came in smiling after two and a half hours. A really challenging hash and the pub and the apres were lovely.

  4. Colin says:

    And it didn’t rain!

  5. Colin says:

    Sorry!…(really!…well maybe…….) Although this has did have were a more than a few memorable highlights…..
    The ankle deep effluent running out from the rubbish dump in the Badlands was my favourite part. Everyone apart from Des made it back to the pub before closing time.
    Dave didn’t punch me although the look in his eye said differently.
    If Malcolm was allowed into the pub he might have!

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