Hash 420 – Pelican @ Froxfield

Date Hare Scribe
22 Sep 2013 Jeremy Brian

I arrived at The Pelican just a little before eleven o’clock and was a bit surprised to see so few hashers in the car park. Fortunately (though oddly) the pub has two car parks, which are out of sight of each other.  So a few minutes later, when we all found each other I was pleased to see it was a good sized crowd.  Our hare (Jeremy) demonstrated the hash trail signs (in the car park…right at Annie’s feet) )to the assembled runners and walkers and set us on our way.

The Pelican is on the main road but almost immediately we turned southwards onto a quiet leafy lane.

I had decided walk instead of run for a change and it was a pleasant alternative and allowed more chat and awareness of my surroundings. The weather was warm and the countryside unfamiliar. I walked for a while with John and occasionally stopped to pick and eat the odd blackberry.

Most of the walking was off road but dry, flat and easy, and apart from telling you I was putting one foot in front of the other to propel myself forward…I remember very little.

Suddenly we were beside the Kennet& Avon canal. An important waterway for the KVH3.  And…..to fill these blank pages….. according to Wiki:-

The Kennet & Avon canal is how long? The waterway has how many locks?
 a) 67 miles a) 85
b) 77 miles b) 95
 c) 87 miles c) 105

The walk had turned more into an amble as we strolled along the canal path. Yes, you’re right…I don’t remember much of this part of the trail either.

I do, however, have some vague memory of getting back to the pub. We sat outside for perhaps the last time on a hash this year. Navy Mike had a pint of something that was not beer (see photo as proof) and Andrew awarded the horn to Michael (who we had not seen for about 5 years) so he would have to return (hopefully in less than 5 years). I duly thanked Jeremy for his lovely trails and everyone applauded etc…etc.

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