Hash 447 – Angel @ Purton

Date Hare Scribe
5 Oct 2014 John & Margaret John

447-1It was on a chilly but sunny morning at The Angel that we listened to the pre-run briefing from Margaret and John. Only two fields of quiet placid cows to negotiate, some spotted pigs to see and a mysterious instruction to ‘Stop, Look and Listen’. John said he stopped, looked and listened but failed to hear anything!!

Obviously it wasn’t happening for him.

With these thoughts in mind we set off at a cracking pace past the cemetery across the road to the church.

As I was in the lead (Andrew having to stop to water the dog) I must have been feeling supremely confident at this stage, that the hares were using the same route as we had done previously.

447-2A quarter of a mile down the road I was starting to feel a little lonely. There was nobody behind me. Backtracking I noticed the missed arrow that took us a sharp left up beside the church, this left me well behind the group with a lot of catching up to do. There’s a moral there somewhere!



Next we circuited a field of Gloucester Old Spots which were well worth seeing, but they totally ignored us running past. That’s pigs for you.

Andrew was now back in control, as he led us over several fields – he seemed to have an uncanny inspirational knack of spotting where the next exit gate or stile was. At one point disappearing though a gap in the hedge that I hadn’t even noticed, without even a word. Still I suppose that’s typical of an Officer; lead from the front and tell you only what you need to know.

Then, suddenly there in front of us was the Stop, Look and Listen: the main western rail line for the 125s.447-3

We all followed the instructions, but it didn’t happen for us either. Not a train in sight. Such are life’s minor disappointments. But we had a second opportunity; we had to cross the line once more. Again nothing happen for us.

But don’t despair – further excitement awaited us!

The intransigent Bull!

photoAndrew fearlessly approached the bull, (and I mean this sincerely folks – he had his dog with him on the lead and this was a big mean guy – I meant the bull). But the bull was going to stand his ground. Andrew gave him the evil eye, and with the esprit de corps instilled in our armed services personnel and a bit of ducking and diving he slipped past the bull and was away through the gap in the field. The excitement builds!!!!

Next into the fray were Paul and David. By this time the bull had reset his game plan and letting anyone else past was a no-no. Although, due credit to our intrepid runners they were reluctant to give up.

There is more to come!

Next to approach the bull was Brian, determined to record the event with a picture on his new phone. However, not understanding how the zoom worked he approached closer and closer. By this time the bull had had enough of this intrusion and was stamping his feet and tossing his head. Caution nevertheless prevailed, and the decision was made that the bull was justified in defending his harem of cows and that we should leave him in peace. Finding an alternative route, we asked the farmer if the bull was dangerous “ah no he be a little lamb, he wouldn’t hurt a fly, just walk past ‘im”

Back at the pub we discovered that we missed an arrow that would have taken us to the left of the gap in the field, so avoiding the bull. The hares were justifiably upset that we missed the last mile of the planned route, and only completed four miles instead of over five,

Andrew being the only one to complete the full course.

447-5We were fortunate to enjoy the sunshine in the garden and spent the time planning the all comers cycle ride from Great Bedwyn next Sunday at 11am. The main points of contention were the length of the ride and the enlightening problem of potential sore bottoms.

GOM did the customary thank you to the hares for a splendid route which I’m sure was enjoyed by all.

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2 Responses to Hash 447 – Angel @ Purton

  1. GOM says:

    Wouldn’t hurt a fly!!! That’s as maybe but when this malevolent sentinel, half bull, half tank lowered his head, gave a wrathful low hellish bellow and lumbered towards me with a murderous look in his eye…..my first thought was not “ahhh, little lamb, isn’t he cute…I’m sure he would hurt a fly”, Basically, you needed to have been there….but you should be glad you weren’t. Great hash John & Margaret…….no bull

  2. Kathy says:

    Beautifully phrased John, and great shot of the bull Brian…. but you’d think we poor walkers didn’t exist!

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