Hash 450 – Horseshoe @ Bampton

Date Hare Scribe
16 Nov 2014 Jon and Margaret Brian

Another new venue for the KVH3. In fact, not just a new venue but a whole new area, as this is the first hash for us in Bampton and it’s only taken 449 previous hashes to get there.

450-1I arrived in good time to find others had also arrived early, presumably to make sure they found it okay. It was cloudy but quite warm. Though we assembled in front of the pub, John and Margaret wanted to begin the hash a little further away at a location that is featured in the TV drama ‘Downton Abbey’.

John pointed us in the right direction and off we set across the field towards the church. There were a couple of early circles and then we were almost immediately out of the town onto a leafy wooded track. The running was easy and relatively dry.

Once out of the wood there was a clear arrow (and arrows never lie) pointing directly across a muddy field.

As runners, we had generally kept together or at least kept each other in sight. However, after at least a mile since the aforementioned arrow, we all slowed down to inquire as to whether any of us had seen any flour. After some debate Maurice and I decided to retrace our steps just in case. This retrace took us all the way back to the arrow. So once again back across the muddy field, on past the point we had turned back and eventually by some farm buildings where we were challenged as to whether we were lost. We began to explain that we were looking for a trail of flour but hadn’t seen any for a while. To which he replied that he had put the last arrow down himself as the correct trail was not a right of way. Thus immediately turning himself from ‘friendly farmer (FF)’ into ‘smug toffee nosed git (STNG)’. He followed this up with “well, no harm done” and walked away – thus becoming a FSTNG or ‘hash saboteur’. Does anyone remember what the Late Keith did when a farmer took it upon himself to rub out trail signs on one of his hashes? For those who don’t …. he went back a few nights later with a bag of household refuge and emptied it where the flour trail had been erased. No wonder he was a KVH3 hero.

It wasn’t long after that, that Maurice and I reached the pub (or at least a pub). We were surprised that no other hashers were back yet and inquired of the landlady if some runners and walkers were in another room. Apparently not. It was Maurice who had the foresight to further ask if we were in The Horseshoe. Apparently not. Redirected across the road we were received with a cheer.


Everyone seemed to be in excellent spirits and the hares were duly thanked and applauded for a great hash. Mike awarded the shorts to Chris to encourage him come again, and in return received the horn.

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