Hash 453 – Three Horseshoes @ Burbage

Date Hare Scribe
26 Dec 2014 Maurice Brian

Dear Fellow Hashers ….. Boxing Day … long before the modern tradition of queuing for hours outside department stores waiting for the doors to open when everyone rushes in and begins using fisticuffs (boxing) to ensure leaving the store with the best bargains …. there was the Duke of Wenceslas, the 10th century king of Bohemia. Legend has it that on St Stephens Day (the day after Christmas) he looked out and saw some strangely dressed folks come into view. Thinking the poor beings were gathering winter fuel he dashed out with vacuum flasks of mead and mince pies. These strange folk drank and ate their fill before running off shouting ‘On On’.

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In keeping this legend alive there assembled a number of strangely dressed men and women outside The Three Horseshoes in Burbage.

Mike and Annie had very kindly offered to drive myself and Kathy to the hash. Though I did not feel confident enough to actually take part, I was keen to be involved in it once again. Maurice (with the help of Ollie) was the hare of the day. After a group photo he gave his pre-hash address and pointed the way.

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I wasn’t taking part so travelled around with Maurice who hadn’t completed the walkers trail. We were caught up by Mike (Wee Willie Winky) who decided to run the short route. An act of immense bravery (at least I thought so). It’s one thing to run around with a group of runners in fancy dress…..but another to run by oneself. Since there was no trail to follow I walked a short while with him. We passed some villagers out for a stroll ….. I of course, had to deny I knew him.

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Joining Maurice again we drove and then had a short walk to the Kennet& Avon canal. Maurice had brought a large supply of flasks of hot mead and mince pies. I can verify that both were delicious. We then waited patiently for runners and walkers to arrive.

We all arrived back at the pub just as the rain began in earnest. There was a really good atmosphere there as we had our beer, tea and coffee. I thanked the hare and everyone applauded warmly. I should have praised the costumes of Margaret and John for both coming as the super-hero ‘Batman’ which I belatedly do now. Some of us had booked a meal at another venue so after an hour we left. All in all it was a really good day.

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