Hash 462 – Plough @ Eastbury

Date Hare Scribe
03 May 2015 Viv & John Kathy & Annie

Now here is a tale…

462 - 1

The mag has a ghost writer this week, except I know who the ghost is. Let me explain.
Kathy was all set to write the mag but couldn’t (due to work at her favourite place), so I stepped in.  But she had part written it and sent it to me – is that allowed?.   I thought I could perhaps just add a line or two along the lines of “we had a nice time” but Kathy’s contribution was eloquent but brief so I need to expand.  Here goes.

Here’s what Kathy wrote:
Well, I thought it was the least I could do – volunteering to write the mag – given the number of interesting routes these stalwarts of the hash have laid for us over recent years, and I see from the website that they are down to lay the 465th hash in June too. Brilliant. When I saw the photo of the Plough that Brian sent out, I was instantly transported back to a previous hash we enjoyed there a few years ago.  That time, a few walkers gamely paid an eye-watering price for their Sunday roast, as the billing – with its emphasis on local produce and quality aged beef – was so tempting.   And it was delicious I recall.  But I shall never forget the frosty reception Liz got from the landlady when, like poor Oliver, she nervously went up to ask if we could have more vegetables – for heaven’s sake, if you’re going to economize then surely you give naive punters less meat, not fewer greens!!

Eastbury is an exceptionally attractive community, with more than its fair share of visible wealth, as the high street alone silently screams ‘costly equine estates and cottages to die for’ – so what better setting could we wish for to enhance our hash?  In fact, Val tells me she used to be a very frequent visitor to the Plough when she lived in Baydon … and who could blame her?

Anne’s bit.

462 - 3Well, I’ve let a week go by and can’t remember every detail. Note to self, don’t do that again.

But I do remember a ridiculous diversion that wanted to take us over the Downs instead of the short route parallel to the M4 which was much quicker.  Due to this it appeared to Viv and John that they only had one walker, James, so John gamely walked with him and Viv waited to see if there were any late arrivals.  And there were.  Mike and I, as well as Andrea, who caught up with the select group of runners Maurice, Jeremy, John and Margaret. Mike had been laid low with some foul virus and was a little feak and weeble, so walked. We were joined by Jo, Fiona and Nithyia.  It was Nithyia’s first Hash but I think we’ll see her again, I hope so.

462 - 2

We enjoyed having a glimpse of the aforementioned wealthy abodes with stunning gardens but best of all we saw the British countryside at its most lush.  I love May when everything is galloping away and the promise of the summer is all around us.

Viv led the walkers and kindly added alternative (shorter) routes.  But it still took in glorious Wiltshire views as we crested a hill and looked down upon a gentle West Country landscape. You can’t beat it (unless you’ve been to Northumberland, but let’s not argue).

Back at the pub we relaxed in the garden and talked handbags. Well not everyone did.  We talked about the forthcoming Hash Dinner and the guys compared notes on their outfits.  That bit’s a lie but I’m running out of things to say.  Mike forgot the bags so we’ll have to wait till next time to award them. I won’t be there.  I’ll be in Howarth at a 1940’s re-enactment, entertaining the troops.  Someone has to.

Viv and John set an excellent trail, and really looked after us all considering we arrived in dribs and drabs, wonderful hares as ever.

The heavens opened as we drove home, and I mean opened. It was a deluge.  Once again we were lucky, as we all know “it never rains on a Hash”

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