Hash 474 – Crown @ Bishops Cannings

Date Hare Scribe
18 Oct 2015 Margaret & John Brian

Bishop Cannings is a village that nestles between the Marlborough Downs and the Vale of Pewsey and is about 3 miles north east of Devizes. The manor of Cannings was recorded in the 1086 Domesday Book as held by the Bishop of Salisbury, hence… Also Bishop Cannings claims to be the place of origin of the legend of the Moonrakers.

Anyway, the Hash. Our hares for the day were Margaret and John. Who else was there? Well although quite far afield from our usual venues, the hares’ reputation is such that there was a very good turnout. It was nice to see Chissie and John again. There was Sue, Terry, James, Viv and John. Also Jeremy, Kathy, Keith and Kay, Brian and Jackie, David, Mike and others I cannot recall, but they were there. John gave the pre-hash address and sent us on our way.

474 - 2

474 - 3

Almost immediately we were into open country. The going was nice and flat. I remember crossing a narrow stream via a well made wooden bridge after I took a photo where Jeremy seems to find time to catch up on his emails.

474 - 1

We passed a very pretty thatched cottage. A little climbing which gave great views over the Vale of Pewsey. We, that is Mike and I, were now running at the back along a gentle downward sloping dirt road which stretched out into the distance.

474 - 4At the end of the dirt road we entered the hamlet of Horton (which is Old English for Muddy Settlement). Fortunately since the middle ages they’ve built a road through it. Not all the way through it of course but even at the end the track was relatively dry.


As often happens we arrived back at the pub almost unexpectedly. Everyone was in good cheer from the hash and we all agreed it was an excellent hash. So thank you Margaret and John.


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