Hash 479 – Village Inn @ Liddington

Date Hare Scribe
26 Dec 2015 Viv & John Jeremy

It’s been a little wet recently so it seemed entirely appropriate that the theme for this year’s Boxing Day Hash was ‘water’. Absolutely everyone entered into the spirit by dressing accordingly. We had a multitude of pirates, a lone naval rating to try and keep them under control, swimmers, body boarders, lifeguards, a Hawaiian Hula dancer, at least a gross of ramblers dressed in anticipation of rain, two being cleverly disguised as grandchildren, and finally GOM, who came as a window cleaner, ladden with ladder, bucket and squeegee. I don’t think anyone was dressed as a hasher. Most of the regulars were there, as also some of our irregulars, whom it was good to see again, and some new(ish) faces including Anne-Marie and ‘Nige’.


Before we set off Colin presented a gift – an engraved post horn as replacement for the previous one which seems to have been lost – as always happens. I think this must be the fourth we’ve had, but definitely the best, so GOM immediately FullSizeRenderdecreed that although it will be awarded each hash, it will stay with him for safekeeping.

After a few photos in the car park and encouragement from the hares we set off – looping around Liddington, then off down towards Swindon, over the fields to Lower Wanborough, on towards the intriguingly named Horpit, then back to Upper Wanborough with mince pies awaiting, and thence back to the pub at Liddington.

The walkers did much the same, albeit missing out most of Wanborough. At least that was the intent, but Sebastian, who had been successfully route finding for most of the day, lapsed at the end, leading them left back into Wanborough, instead of right towards the pub – this caused Nigel to mutter darkly about the need for beer and lunch. One unfortunate walker suffered a bad case of stiles, from which we hope she quickly recovers. However, her plight did give Kathy her long needed excuse to break into a run – perhaps she’ll be tackling the long soon.

Our window cleaner ran the short with his bucket half-full of water, catching up with the main runners at Wanborough Church, just in time to enable us to use his ladder to climb over a wall into the churchyard – just the sort of thing that’s useful when we lose the trail – so hopefully someone will carry it round on future trails in case it should become needed again.

IMG_1201We all eventually arrived back, Terry hobbling in as well, in time for GOM’s speech outside. The horn was ‘virtually awarded’ to Dai and Paul for being the most persuasively dressed pirates and we all applauded John and Viv for their excellent trail.

Then some 18 or so of us sat down for an excellent Boxing Day lunch.

A great day out.   On On

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6 Responses to Hash 479 – Village Inn @ Liddington

  1. Terry Williams says:

    Sorry I let the side down by pulling up with a pulled calf muscle literally a few minutes of starting the run. However it was great to walk with Jack Dipper known to most of us from NWH3 and in my case singing colleague with Big Sing Thing on Monday nights.
    Great hash Great Team spirit. Sue Bede was excellent as ever what good runner she is…
    It was nice to meet ‘new to me’ hashers

    Happy New Year Everyone

    Terry Williams

  2. Kathy says:

    P.S. I meant to add a double phwoar for Colin and Jeremy’s togs… or lack thereof! K

  3. Mike says:

    A memorable and hugely enjoyable hash. I am proud to be part of such a lively and warm hearted lot.

    The unfortunate walker with the problem with stiles was my poor Annie whose back seized up as she climbed over one leaving her unable to walk and in pain . Luckily Kathy was there and she deserves a medal as she ran (yes – really) back to the pub, collected her car and brought Annie back to safety.

    I think the mag is excellent as well

  4. Kathy says:

    One of the best opening hash mag paragraphs I’ve read in a long time, Jeremy. Very well done for capturing (pirates… get it?) the happy spirit of the day. Kx

  5. Margaret Bradbury says:

    Loved the way so many joined in with the dressing up. Well done everyone!!!

    We were sorry to miss the hash but are lapping up the wall to wall sunshine here in South Africa

    See you soon and A Very Happy New Year to you all.

    Love Margaret and John xx

  6. Brian Lovell says:

    Great hash. Thanks to everyone for entering into the spirit and dressing up and especially Viv and John for laying the trails. A Happy New Year to you all.

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