Hash 481 – Bayberry @ East Wichel

Date Hare Scribe
24 Jan 2016 Prof Brian Brian

Today’s hash was Brian Reed’s debut as the hare. Navy Mike volunteered to be his mentor. Brian chose (fortuitously) The Bayberry. I say fortuitously because it was decided, after the choice was made, that we would be joined by the North Wilts Hash and The Bayberry is a new and large venue capable of accommodating a sizable number of cars and thirsty patrons. I didn’t count the hashers but there must have been over fifty of us gathering on a warm January morning.

I knew that Brian had planned the trails with an almost military precision of which the detailed maps he made give testament. He was assisted in the trail laying by Matt and together they also took over 40 photos during the day which you can view by clicking Bayberry Hash Photos.

I called everyone to order for the hares’ pre-hash address and all very obediently gathered round. Brian explained the hash signs in case the NWH3’s were slightly different. There were a few ‘errrs’ when is it was explained that there were possibly up to three single dots on a false trail after a circle and only a double dot proved you were on the correct route.

481 - 3Brian’s grand-daughters, Bella and Josie, were given the honour of blowing the ceremonial ‘Colin’s Horn’ to begin the hash and off we all went. I was with the runners and contrary to my expectations we headed eastwards towards Broome Manor Golf Course. As we ascended the hill there was a sudden turn to the left that took us into a wooded track. Still going uphill but with some circles on alternative tracks that gave some of us a brief chance to catch our breath. Onwards and upwards until we reach Marlborough Road and then along the old railway track to Old Town. Through a small industrial estate and onto another old railway track (now a cycle path) and heading westwards.Nice easy going and not muddy.A sudden turn southwards and downhill across the fields with nice views over what is left of Swindon’s front garden. However, no sooner had we reach the bottom when we began the climb back upwards to, once again, the cycle track. Surprisingly we went even further up and along a quiet road of some well-to-do old houses which led into the new estate. 481 - 4Then through a children’s play area and over the rickety playground bridge. We then found ourselves back on the cycle track heading, once more, westwards. Upon reaching the bridge over the canal we descended down onto the track along the canal. By this I was running at the back with Margaret and John. It was very pleasant surroundings and we ran until passing the new Waitrose Superstore. More fields, slightly muddy, then across a road and again running beside the canal with new houses lining the way until the On Inn sign.

481 - 5The pub had reserved us a corner and by the time I arrived just about everybody was drinking and making the usual hullabaloo. I thanked all for being there and Brian & Matt were given a large cheer of approval for their debut hash. Margaret awarded Paul the shorts with bells and I gave Di (much to her delight….not) the other pair to match.

My thanks to Brian and Matt for a great hash, and Navy Mike for his help which despite his modesty I’m sure was a factor in the hash’s success. I’d also like to say it was enjoyable having the NWH3 there and everybody seemed to be mixing well and making new friends.

On On

As mentioned above, here are our hares’ meticulously planned routes – a..ma..zing. [Ed]

481 - 2

481 - 1





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2 Responses to Hash 481 – Bayberry @ East Wichel

  1. Kathy says:

    A terrific debut, Prof Brian. Thanks so much for all the effort and considerable attention to detail that went into the planning and execution. We’re all very proud of you! Kx

  2. Mike says:

    I should like to make it clear that, although Brian and I were down as joint hares, he did all the planning and the checking and laying (with enthusiastic help from son in law Matt) – all I did was to help him lay the trail and offer a bit of advice. I agree with Jeremy.

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