Hash 485 – Vine Tree @ Norton

Date Hare Scribe
20 Mar 2016 Margaret & John  Brian

Another new venue for the KVH3. This time a venue I did not know existed in a village (Norton) I have never heard much less been to. Kathy and I left in plenty of time and found it very easily by coming off the M4 and following the signs saying Vine Tree Inn. Who needs a Sat Nav? Nice big car park, which I mention only because the landlord asked us to move all our vehicles onto the grass at the far end and I mention that only because we are so often asked to do that nowadays. Odd because the carpark could take about 50 cars whereas the pub would be packed with 30 people.

485 - 1Our hares, John and Margaret, were already back and not a speck of flour or mud upon them. It turns out that they (well John) had done something I worry about when I’m the hare …. they had arrived without the flour. Luckily the landlord was able to provide them (which I presume means sell them) sufficient flour to lay the trails.

We were joined soon after by the usual suspects ….. Paul and Di in a very smart new van, John and Viv, Mike, David, Simon and Ainsley, Keith, Caroline and Sue. John gave the pre-hash address and pointed way and blew Colin’s Horn to get us underway. A little confusion at the start as they had forgotten to put the first arrow down but this was quickly sorted.

485 - 2I confess I decided to be one of the walkers for the day. This made a nice change. You can take in more of the surroundings, the circles are already kicked out and you don’t get out of breath. We were immediately into open country which was unsurprising as apart from the pub it’s all open country. So we ambled along chatting. Rosie soon found a nice big puddle to wade into. Some of the trail was muddy but mostly it flat and dry and a pleasure to walk along.

Di and I had a long conversation about the state of the medical and teaching profession or more precisely the pressures on those who work in them. And then quite suddenly we were back at the pub.

485 - 3

We were able to occupy a small corner by the bar and as always had a convivial time. I thanked Margaret and John for a lovely hash in new countryside and we all eventually left happy.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Thanks Margaret and John – it was very nice to be somewhere new, and a very enjoyable hash it was too. K

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