Hash 487 – Woodlands Edge @ Peatmoor

Date Hare Scribe
17 April 2016 Sue & Fiona Keith

Our hares for the day were Fiona and Sue, on a glorious Spring morning that
broke with a hard frost (snow on the ground in some areas) and clear blue
skies with deceptively warm sunshine. This is without doubt, for me, the best season
of them all.

Our GOM was not present having elected to go on a last-minute Caribbean jaunt.
Well , that’s his loss I would say as who wouldn’t rather run around Shaw and
Peatmore on a day like this and in such wonderful company? Let’s hope Brian
learns his lesson!

The turnout was impressive today, and there were a few new faces among the
walkers, and a not-seen-for-some-time runner in the form of Des, who quickly
settled into a steady pace around the trail, performing well for someone who
confessed to having done very little running or cycling for 7 months.

James made it this time too, and probably as he didn’t have to rely on his
sat-nav, which managed to take him to the wrong place on the previous hash,
and thus to miss it. A salutary lesson for us all in not forsaking our old friend,
the map. I too have missed a hash venue completely in the past but that was
more to do with failure to read the venue properly on the website.

Our hares gave us some instructions and warned of hazards like the busy road (but no tics to worry about today – hurray!). We set off from the car park and
it was immediately clear that our hares were not going to be caught wanting in
the flour department. Oh no sir, flour there was aplenty. Large bold arrows and
circles abounded, often accompanied by ‘on-on’ dots a few feet away. Easily
the most followable (is that even a word?) hash trail in a long while. The trail
took us on easy paths around lakes and small wooded areas, old railway tracks
and back behind the Chinese pagoda building ( 5.2 miles, just around an hour).
All the while in bright warm sunshine and with little mud to spoil things.

Sadly, Brian our GOM , was not here with his camera to record the hash (said
camera currently being stifled by the terrible heat and humidity in the
Caribbean – will it still work I wonder?). Thus I am doing my best to pad out
this account for a whole pages’ worth, as there were no dramas today. Nobody
got lost, Mike never fell over, or anything. It was just a lovely trail on a
lovely day.

I was only deputed to write the mag after all the fireworks of the day and
would have been more conscientious in digging up stories to tell if I had known
sooner. But there we are, I was reduced to trying to wring stories out of
walkers to include here, and even threatening to make things up, partly on the
basis that I’m not sure who actually reads this (other than Kathy and Mike)
and thus the likelihood of getting sued for something would be quite small.

But I digress. (It seems my page is about full anyway! ) Though I have 2 more
things to mention.

Those of us present will have heard of how Matt, and a few friends, insanely
ran from Avebury to Bournemouth (yep, the seaside town) overnight on Friday, a
distance covering over two Marathons, or around 62 miles. Hats off to him and
them for that. Amazing.

Finally, those interested in competing in the Northleach 10k on 22nd May are
arranging to check out the route next Sunday (details of time etc tba) and
anyone else wanting to sign up for it is welcome too.

Our thanks to Sue and Fiona for today’s lovely trail.

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3 Responses to Hash 487 – Woodlands Edge @ Peatmoor

  1. Kathy says:

    Quite, quite Mike. A warm-hearted account of the day, Keith. Well done.

  2. Brian Lovell says:

    Oh the deprivations I’m suffering here having to run around this beautiful golf course in the warm balmy evening. Around what I call Egret Lake and joining the white sandy beach and trotting along the cool waves of the Caribbean. Oh how I wish for cold muddy trails in England. Never mind though I’m being brave and will be with you all at the next hash.

  3. Mike says:

    I’m sure there are hundreds of people, other than Kathy and me, who regard the mag as an important part of the ethos of KVH3. The world would have been a poorer place if we didn’t have the works of art that were the hashmags of The Late Keith.

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