Hash 495 – Sun @ Coate Water

Date Hare Scribe
07 Aug 2016 Mike Keith

I woke today anticipating a warm, sunny day such as the one we had yesterday. I
had not expected the dark slate grey skies and light drizzle which then
persisted for a couple of hours, accompanied by some very blustery wind.

Kay was wondering whether to take a brolly, cardigan, raincoat or all three and
I (bravely) assured her none of these would be needed as it would all be fine by
11.00. As we all know, “it never rains on a hash” and as the time approached
for us to leave home, the skies steadily brightened and cleared, revealing blue
sky and fluffy white clouds drifting in the strong breeze.

And so we arrived at The Sun Inn for Mike’s hash. Mike has not felt great this
week and it was a possibility he might need a hand laying the trail, though he
had assured us last Wednesday he would be doing it himself if he had to drag
himself round the trail, flour in hand. He had duly laid the trail on his own
today and had felt somewhat invigorated as a result, he said, of being in fresh
air in the great outdoors.

There was a healthy turnout of runners and walkers and although I did not count,
would say around 16 in all, including a few ‘new faces’ who are regulars now.

Mike’s briefing was short and precise, detailing the distance (runners 4.5 and
walkers 3 miles), hazards (none – very unusual) and …. that was it; no need
to demonstrate signage to this seasoned group of hashers.

Off we went into the park itself and we soon came upon a flour circle early on,
so neat and precisely drawn that it was suggested a template had been used but
Mike assured us this was all down to his vast experience of drawing circles in

It is difficult to run in this area without being surrounded by beautiful
countryside; the lake, trees, swans, boats etc etc and so it was on this
trail, which took us out across the polo field and down Broome Manor Lane, then
cutting right towards the golf course and then left on Pipers Way before turning
back by the M4 and back into Coate Water Park for the run in.

I ran round with Brian and Viv mostly, and we passed the walkers towards the
end. We had not seen Jeremy or John since the start, such is their whippet-like
running ability these days.

The apres hash in the garden was delightful. The sun had shone throughout our
run/walk, and the wind had lessened a little. We drank our refreshments and
chatted as those who had ordered food waited for it to arrive. It looked lovely
when it did turn up, and huge portions too.

We were aware that Rew, Mike’s son in law, was cycling from Shropshire today
in training for his Ironman challenge in 2 weeks time (in Copenhagen). He
arrived as we were sat together, having ridden 98 miles, having left Shropshire
at 0600 today. And all on one of those rock hard bicycle saddles too. Well done
Rew and good luck in Copenhagen.

Brian (GOM) addressed the group and thanked Mike for a great hash trail. Kathy
had the small hash horn and duly awarded this to Rew.

Finally, Annie announced her annual garden party, in aid of charity (£5, tea
and cakes) will be on 18th September which happens to be when I will be laying
my trail, in Stanford in the Vale, just up the road.

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