Hash 499 – Eagle @ Watchfield

Date Hare Scribe
02 Oct 2016 Viv & John Mike

You always get a very good quality hash when Viv and John lay a trail. Not only do you get an excellent pub to return to and a well balanced and interesting trail but they go around the trail with you to make sure you don’t get lost as well. The weather was perfect – clear blue sky and bright late summer sunshine with just enough of a breeze to keep us cool – and about twenty of us, including Paul and Di’s family and our youngest hasher Chloe, gathered in the street (as the Eagle doesn’t have a car park). We had a very brief briefing, of which all I remember is a warning about flying golf balls, and then we were off up the road for about 100 yards to the first circle. This was cunningly designed to slow the front runners up and it worked so well that, for a while, we had all 20 runners and walkers milling about offering each other advice and having discussions about where the trail was likely to be. Eventually that was agreed upon and we trotted on. We then came to a golf course where the Long/Short divide sent the runners to the right and the walkers straight across the fairway. At this point Brian and I were in my usual position at the back and John suggested that a Medium route of about 4 miles might suit us (the long was 6). This too was decided upon and after following the long for a bit through lovely countryside we then took a short cut to pick up the walkers trail which we then followed backwards (for the avoidance of doubt it was Brian and I who were running forward– it was the trail that was backwards) over the golf course to the pub. The mediums arrived back at the pub at the same time as the shorts with the longs not far behind in just over the hour – clear indications of a well planned trail.

The characteristics of the hash pub are as important as the skill of the hare or the beauty of the countryside and the Eagle has a great deal going for it. A small pub, serving a range of excellent beers with a friendly and helpful landlord – entirely unspoiled by every square inch being taken up by people tucking into huge meals. (Annie says I am a bit of a curmudgeon when it comes to pubs that become restaurants and discourage the traditional pub customer – I can’t think why.)

The sun stayed bright and warm and we all sat in the garden for the après which, as always, was lively, companionable and fun. Brian thanked Viv and John warmly for another excellent trail and then went on to sort out what kind of sweatshirt we wanted for the 500th hash. The result was that everybody wanted a different colour with a different choice of colour for the logo, some people wanted a colour of their own and some didn’t like any colour. Voting was chaotic and inconclusive and we were no better off at the end than when we started but it was great fun and I thought Brian handled the whole thing with great panache and humour. I’m sure it’ll be alright on the night.

Yet another lively and enjoyable hash – thank you again Viv and John.

The next hash will be the 500th run by Kennet Valley Hash Harriers since their creation on March 1st 1998.and we will be running from the same pub that we ran from on hash 001.

I do hope you can come.

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