Hash 521 – Highwayman @ Elkstone

Date Hare Scribe
6 Aug 2017 Margaret & John Brian

Margaret and John are getting a reputation for introducing the KVH3 to exciting new venues and trails sometimes a little farther out than usual.

On this occasion we were to be presented with yet another unfamiliar pub The Highwayman at Elkstone from which to begin and end untrodden (by KVH3) tracks and views. Apparently at Beech Pike, where there was a turnpike booth an inn was recorded from 1781 when it was called the Huntsman and Hounds. The name had been changed to the Masons’ Arms by 1850’s and remained that until c. 1960 when the name changed to The Highwayman.

As is often the case with Margaret and John’s hashes there was a good turnout of both runners and walkers with the expectant hashers knowing they were in for a treat. The runners included David, Keith, myself, Mike, Viv, John and Sue. The walkers included Kathy, Val, Simon, Kay, Paul and Di, Lynn, Annie and others including at least two dogs.

John-X gave the pre-hash address and sent us on our way. I had previously decided that I would join the walkers that day but when it came to the start I decided I wanted to run. So off we set out of the rear entrance from the car park onto the old Pike Road but within a few short yards we turned west along a track at the edge of a field. The grass was not too long but the ground was very uneven needing concentration not to step into a rut and fall over. The runners began to spread out as the faster ones stretched their lead. I paused for a while to wait for Mike (an excuse to catch my breath) as we had decided to run only the short trail which has the advantage of allowing us to get back to the pub first and avoid any queuing at the bar. However, a little confusion at a circle meant we caught the others up as they looked for the two dots.

At one point we passed a field in which there was a scarecrow clad in shorts, a blue T-shirt and floppy hat. Having past him, the scarecrow (named David) immediately ran after us.

All months are varied of course, but August especially so. Some of the fields still have unharvested crops of barley and corn while other fields have been harvested. Therefore the countryside around us was a patchwork quilt of differing hues. Often worth a stop to admire (and catch one’s breath – yet again). As planned Mike and I took the short route at the divide and arrived back at the pub feeling not too exhausted.

We were given a long table at the rear of the pub. It was actually warm enough to have been outside but it seemed all the tables were occupied. However, being a gregarious bunch we prefer to all sit together. The usual high spirits, chatter and laughter ensued and everyone agreed it was an excellent hash…so thank you Margaret and John.


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