Hash 527 – Barbury @ Broad Hinton

Date Hare Scribe
29 Oct 2017 Kevin & Julie Keith

Today, we all had the opportunity for an extra hour in bed (as the clocks went back) including our Hares, Kevin and Julie, who wisely chose this hash date for their Maiden hash trail.

A cold northerly wind blew over the UK, bringing a return to temperatures more usually found at this time of year, from the very mild temperatures we have seen recently.

Despite the cold wind, the sun was shining and the forecast was for a dry, sunny day – perfect hashing weather.

We gathered in the car park behind the pub, a cheerful group of mostly walkers (around a dozen) and 6 runners.

I was able to let everyone know of Maurice’s achievement in completing the Polar Circle Marathon (in Greenland) the day before in just over 6 hours – fantastic and well done to him! No doubt Maurice experienced temperatures well below ours, along with many other adversities, and he raised around 2k for his well chosen charity.

On to the hash …

Kevin told us about the trails. Around 3.5 and 5.5 with a long/short divide after about 2 miles. There had been some hazards with cows and horses but I understand a re-design had taken place to avoid them.

We set off and were quickly on a lane strewn with leaves and lined with trees. This was lovely in the sunshine. Shortly after, a long straight road took us towards the Ridgeway and a steep hill through a field to reach the top, close to a ‘Wiltshire white horse’. What great views we had up there in the sunshine which made the hard climb worth it.

We stayed at this high level for a while before reaching the long/short, and as the short trail led down the hillside, we ‘long’ runners then carried on, high up, before, inevitably, our own descent was reached through grassy fields and the village of Broad Hinton itself.

In the busy pub there was a good Sunday lunch atmosphere, and we all gathered in a corner where our group had booked Sunday lunch for about 10 diners. Food looked plentiful and inviting when it came. Kay and I were tempted but held off..

Our hares were warmly thanked for laying a very successful first hash trail which was appreciated by us all. Their second will be even better I am sure!

Thanks to our hares Kevin and Julie for a lovely, well-laid first trail.

I updated everyone on the Commemorative clothing choices following an email sent out previously. 14 responses were received, all from regular hash-goers.

The most popular items (in order) were:
1. Light wind and shower resistant packable jacket.
2. Fleece jacket
3. Sweatshirt.
Of those present, a majority supported the light rain- jacket suggestion and
this will be investigated further. Responses have suggested an upper price of
around £20 with most wanting to be able to choose their own colour.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Many thanks Kevin and Julie; it was good to gather somewhere new and walk somewhere different, and the views from the summit were really lovely. Well done.

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