Hash 529 – Check Inn @ Wroughton

Date Hare Scribe
26 Nov 2017 Jeremy Sue

There was an excellent turn out out on a very cold day, about 24 of us gathered for Jeremy’s trail. The sun was shining and everyone was wrapped up warmly (except for Mike who braved the elements and ran wearing shorts as per usual – it must be from his navy training)

Keith, David and I ran the long route, Mike, John and Ainslie ran the short. We were accompanied on the long by our hare and Noodle (his dog) – I just wish that I had Noodle’s stamina….

It didn’t take long for Keith and I to follow the wrong trail and get called back by our hare – we had been too busy talking to follow the flour. Those of you that know me will understand that I’ve no idea where we went but I asked Jeremy and he obligingly told me: West Leaze, up to the old railway line, East South Leaze, towards Elcombe, then Wroughton and back to the Check Inn. As Keith mentioned in the pub afterwards, parts of the route brought back to him happy memories of The Leithbridge 10K that he ran last June. The long route was lovely, 6 miles, pretty muddy in places, a well laid and enjoyable trail.

The walkers were back at the pub before us but all agreed that once again Jeremy’s trails were a big success.

Back at the pub Keith thanked our hare and we all dived into multiple bowls of chips.

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5 Responses to Hash 529 – Check Inn @ Wroughton

  1. Kathy says:

    Well, there you are then! Kx

  2. Mike says:

    I’m glad that Jeremy has cleared up that mystery – I was worried that South Leaze had been moved East by some busybody. It didn’t spoil my enjoyment of a trail laid by a master hare however and, as usual, I enjoyed it enormously.

  3. webmaster says:

    Kathy, you’ve highlighted a bit of mis-information I gave Sue about the route – even though I lived there from 1959 through 1971.

    I should have said South Leaze rather than East Leaze. Waitrose is build near the site of what was West Leaze Farm. Subsequently the runners, after coming off the old railway line at Mannington, then proceeded past South Leaze on their way towards Elcombe.

  4. Kathy says:

    Well, now I’m very confused as I thought all the various leazes were parts of West Swindon? Sue/Adam?? The walkers especially enjoyed the trail Jeremy – always something of interest to look at, and no horrid stiles to negotiate. Thank you! Kx

  5. Keith says:

    Ah ah ‘ happy memories’ of slogging uphill on the railway line in high Summer, dehydrated and struggling to breath …those happy memories…

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