Hash 548 – Bayberry @ East Wichel

Date Hare Scribe
16 Sep 2018 Sue Keith

It was a smaller than usual group of hashers who appeared at The Bayberry on a muggy, grey, blustery morning.

Several of our regulars were known to be away on holiday or suchlike, but it was good to see Jeremy, Helen, Kevin and Julie back from various jaunts.

We were around a dozen in number, with four runners.
Sue gave a short briefing; the long would be 5.4 miles and the short, 2.7 miles.

Off we went towards Croft Road and soon into Croft Woods, and then around the golf course by the M4 to Broome Manor Lane and then up the hill and across the golf course again to the top end of Croft Wood. From there onto the old railway line before descending finally back to the pub. A lovely scenic run that would be even better when the Autumnal colours arrive, given how wooded the trail was.

To cap it all, the sun broke through the clouds, the wind lessened and we were able to sit outside basking in early Autumn sunshine.

GOM gave another of his witty, captivating speeches, lavishing praise upon the hare, Sue, for her trail. And letting the cat out of the bag that hare got lost on her own trail and couldn’t find the pub!

Thanks Sue for a very enjoyable trail.

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2 Responses to Hash 548 – Bayberry @ East Wichel

  1. webmaster says:

    I agree with you Kathy – an excellent route from Sue. Given that she never leaves the urban confines of Swindon for fear of getting lost, she still managed to include lots of rural feeling in her route. I’ve never before spent so long running around Croft Woods.

    One event that has gone unreported was Sue announcing the winners of her sweepstake some time ago – so well done Mike and Brian who shared the proceeds. And this was before the ‘horse’ even reached the finishing line!

  2. Kathy says:

    I loved it, Sue. Unlike the runners, I’d never done that route before, and the leafy woodlands perfectly suited a slightly humid day.. it was also a wonderful surprise when, directed left off the old railway track, we came upon a spectacular vista looking across open land towards Wichelstowe below. Kx

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