Hash 552 – Tunnel House Inn @ Coate

Date Hare Scribe
11 Nov 2018 Brian David

The momentous day and hour, and it was bright and sunny with a brisk breeze. The Hashers gathered in a sheltered spot on some grass, fairly well out of the wind and fell silent at 11 am, exactly 100 years after the Armistice. Maurice read a poem from The Great War (Anthem for Doomed Youth, Wilfred Owen, 1917).

Autumn colours this year are as good as they get with some lovely golden oak and beech leaves. Then off (most) of us went following Brian’s trail; only most, as Kevin had to follow the call of nature and was so late starting such that even I, the slowest of the slow runners, kept ahead of him and Julie.

Viv stayed with them, and this ensured that all three of them got lost despite Brian having virtually white-washed the route with flour. When doesn’t Viv either get lost, or, worse for us, when don’t her trails lose the rest of us?

Anyway, a lovely route via fields and forest, with very-short, short and long alternatives, and a cool but sunny outside drinking area at the Tunnel Inn. All the inside seats were reserved for Eating People (eating as in the adjective), which occasioned the usual muttering curses from Navy Mike bewailing the good old days when pubs had sawdust, flat beer, blokes and nowt else. And in truth, it was a shame we had to be banished outside, but as I said, it was lovely and sunny.

A great morning. Who wouldn’t be on such a Hash with a pub at the end?

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