Hash 559 – Eagle @ Watchfield

Date Hare Scribe
17 Feb 2019 Viv & John David

Viv and John had primed the pub and the staff were very friendly and opened earlier than usual for our return post-hash.

Four hairy Shrivenham Collies joined us, with their owner, though only three returned – a bit worrying.

The route included quite a few new paths, especially on the long route since we were taken over the busy A420 and onto some paths around Westmill Farm, its 5 windmills and the Westmill Woodland Burial Ground.  Viv and John clearly planned the route so that we could bury casualties of the A420 crossing and anyone else who had succumbed after being hopelessly lost on one of Viv’s trails.  

But, as it happened, just when we had a suitable burial ground, complete with Round House in which to celebrate a Hasher’s life (or rather demise), nobody went and croaked.  Indeed, nobody got lost, surely a first for one of Viv and John’s trail.  When you think: all those Hashers dead and hurriedly buried in some scrape on the Wiltshire Downs, and then we have a Hash and nobody actually dies.  A frustrating waste of a handy Burial Ground.

Some of us more senior and revered Hashers do however have a complaint, and that relates to the younger, junior and therefore less revered runners who on occasions had to be prodded into finding the correct route to follow. Some of us extremely important and very senior members who, over the years have flogged their guts out, expect a bit more service en route. And then Rob, for yes, it was he (and Eleanor who definitely didn’t always jump to barked commands) had the gall to hand me the wretched bugle when we were back in the pub.

The Hash took us back through some of Shrivenham, via the Church, and thence to Watchfield and the ‘Eagle’ where some of us were served an excellent roast lunch by ‘Jimmy Edwards‘.

Lots of people at the Hash, and very good to see some who hadn’t been for a while, and we filled the welcoming pub.

On- On!

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2 Responses to Hash 559 – Eagle @ Watchfield

  1. Mike says:

    You may be interested to hear that the landlord of the Eagle, Mark, is a retired Chief Petty officer Royal Navy and that he and I served in the same ship – HMS Sirius (although at different times). I was first back and we had a long enjoyable chat about things naval. I did not see much of the trail unfortunately but I really liked the pub. Thank you Viv and John

  2. Kathy says:

    Delightful account, dear David; a splendid carvery proudly presented by warm-hearted landlords Lisa & Mark and last -but by no means least – a well-marked, well-attended, scenic hash on a mild and sunny morning – “perfick”! Kx

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