Hash 578 – Bear Hotel @ Hungerford

Date Hares Scribe
10 Nov 2019 Jeremy Kevin

This was the second hash in a row where the weekend weather pattern was repeated, the Saturday with a deluge of rain followed by clear and sunny skies on the Sunday.

A number of us hashers arrived at the Bear Hotel early to grab a parking spot before the Hungerford Remembrance services commenced around the corner of the hotel in the High Street. Jeremy our hare for the day was nowhere to be seen at first and then was spotted by said scribe walking past the Bear Hotel car park towards the High Street to continue laying the trail.

More hashers appeared as 11 o’clock approached and Jeremy joined the group after completing the laying of the trail. It was announced that our leader (Keith) was hunkered down at home with a spot of ill health, Mike stepped in as an able Lieutenant and gathered the hashers around to observe 2 minutes silence on this Remembrance Sunday.       

The 2 minutes silence was observed impeccably by everyone who attended today’s hash.  Jeremy then gave instructions for the day’s hash when he explained the change to start of the hash due to the ongoing Remembrance services taking place on the High Street. Our new course would start with a left out of the car park along the A4, then a left turn by a “For Sale Sign”, and then another left and then a right at the canal which would take us back on to the trail for the day. How many hashers were listening to the instructions I have no idea but the fact we all got back safely must of meant we were listening!

Maurice, Des, Mike (and Rocky)

Three runners (Des, Maurice with Rocky, and Mike) set off ahead of the walkers. Our trail would take us along the Kennet and Avon Canal, through Freeman’s Marsh (both outbound and inbound), the Ramsbury and Littlecote estates and up and down Furze Hill. Conditions underfoot were sometimes challenging due to the previous day’s deluge but nothing insurmountable. At the long-short divide Mike was debating whether to go long, with encouragement from Des and Maurice he ventured long until the trail got to Furze Hill. At this point Mike didn’t see the trail marks to go up the hill so he decided he would stay on the B4192 and head straight to the bar at Bear Hotel.  Said scribe and BH Julie as the fast walkers followed the trail up Furze Hill and got back to the Bear Hotel some ten minutes after Mike where most hashers were enjoying a drink.  Julie and I who did the long trail were not the last to return to the Bear as Ainslie and Annie had decided to walk the long trail and they got back some two and half hours later.

Mike thanked Jeremy for a wonderful trail and the impeccable briefing given at the start. Des was awarded the horn for attending two hashes in a row and Mike was given the shorts I assume for taking a short cut!  

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