Hash 580 – Plough @ Eastbury

Date Hares Scribe
8 Dec 2019 Viv & John Mike

The last time we ran from the Plough at Eastbury it was a nice old village pub –warm and welcoming – a centre and a focus for the community. Unfortunately somebody since has decided to close the pub and turn it into a gourmet restaurant where sweaty and muddy runners are not all that welcome. That was made clear as we drove into the car park. The landlady came rushing out and told us to clear off – as the car park was for customers only. We hashers are always relaxed and cheerful about that sort of thing and so we ‘cleared off’, found various parking spots around the village, and finally about a dozen of us mustered in the road for briefing.

The day was dull, overcast and very cold and when Viv gave the brief she said she was worried that the trail was too short. The trail was indeed a little shorter than usual but that was fine for most people as it was so bitingly cold. Everyone was muffled up with coats and woollies – except Colin who was unconcernedly wearing a skimpy running vest and shorts. Mind you he does run a bit faster than most.

We set off across the little stream that runs through the middle of the village and then up to the top of the valley where you could see for miles and across the hills and fields beyond. Your scribe ran the short trail which curved round and down to the eastern end of the village and then along a muddy path which ran along the backs of the houses and then on in to the pub.

The longs ran an extra loop on the high ground before joining the short trail for the descent to the valley and the pub and everybody was back in under an hour.

Nobody stopped to change and we all stood in a corner of the restaurant with a drink watched by all the gourmets. It didn’t feel right and so when Keith had thanked the hares and told us about the next hash – we left.

It was an excellent trail , well marked and full of interest – pity about the pub.

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