Hash 606 – Wheatsheaf @ Chilton Foliat

19 Sep 2021Viv & JohnKeith

Not a promising forecast for today’s hash as we left home under dark skies for Chilton Foliat, last hashed in 2013. We’ve hashed here several times and a quick read of the mags confirmed it’s always been enjoyed.

Much has changed though since 2013. I’m retired, two prime ministers came and went, two GOMs too, a pandemic hit us, and pub pizzas now cost £15.

And as someone commented on the radio this week “before the Pandemic you would cough to hide a fart, now you fart to hide a cough”. How true.

We were low on numbers of runners as some were away preparing for the London Marathon. And other things. I think we numbered about a dozen, combined.

We were missing a few regular hashers but we were rejoined by Colin and Eleanor, not seen at our hash since the Pandemic broke out last year. Great to see them again!

Viv gave a briefing that was wide-ranging in scope and took in trout, Kingfishers, an Elephant (not spotted) and even lady Di, who used to come here to visit.

By this point the clouds were thinning and Viv’s briefing turned to the trail; 3 miles short and 6 miles for long. The divide was to be found after two miles, which prompted a minor debate as to what proportion of the trail it was; a third, or two-thirds? Well both! 

I knew I would not be running at the front given the quality of runners we now boast; ultramarathon runners, ‘five marathons in five days’ runners etc. And me, though I did manage two Marathons back to back once – and they were bigger back then – before they became Snickers.

After setting off and heading uphill I was able to run with Eleanor until we came to a spot where the faster runners had gone wrong, and suddenly I found myself at the front for a few fleeting happy moments before the rest reappeared and put me back in my place, at the back, this time with Viv, who was “checking John had laid his part of the trail properly”.

It was an easy trail to follow, through absolutely delightful countryside of meadows, golden crop fields, beside sun-dappled streams and through hamlets of thatched cottages tucked away from busy roads.

Kevin, our GOM, had wanted snitchers to report misdeeds so he could award the hash bags, but it seems everyone was on their very best behaviour enjoying the run or walk. Or, nobody was prepared to snitch.

This trail had been prepared to happen just as the Pandemic hit, and I’m grateful it wasn’t forgotten, for it was a cracker.

We sat in the garden in the sun enjoying great beer and the craic. (Maurice – are you there?)

Kevin gave the bags to Colin and the horn to Eleanor, on the basis that they would then have to keep coming back. Well let’s hope so.

Thanks Viv and John, great hash

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